May 1, 2016

Factors to Consider before shopping for Ayurveda products online

There are many vendors or ayurvedic products in the market worldwide and determining what to buy and who to buy from can be a big challenge. Technology has made it possible for many people to sell products and then have your order then when at home or at work. As a result, you may end up with fake products for vendors masquerading as legitimate vendors. Consider the following factors before buying their products:
The legitimacy of the site

Check the IP address of the company and the license of the online shop to be sure of the products they sell. Research on the profile of the shop and their website will guide you when shopping online.

The legitimacy of the products

This is the toughest part. Sellers who understand Ayurveda understand the need for legitimate and high quality products made using natural ingredients. They will also be particular about the approval of their beauty products, the certifications received, the PH balance of the products, and the absence of parabens, alcohols, or chemicals in their products. Anything with different information or without this information should be treated with caution.

Values upheld

Ayurveda hold holistic living as an important mission in their line. This therefore means that social responsibility and environmental consciousness should matter to the company you intend to buy from.

Ingredients in products

There has been a rise in crusading for use of ayurvedicanti aging serums in the market lately. The online shop you seek to buy anti-aging serum from must have a list of all the natural ingredients in the products; active and inactive. The ingredients should possess proven restorative, repair or healing properties before using them.

Guidelines on product use

The use of all products should be indicated alongside the contraindications if consumed accidentally. This is important when purchasing not just Ayurveda products but all other products sold online.


What other shoppers say about a website and the products  offered matters a lot. Go through the highest and lowest customer reviews to ascertain their genuinity of your beauty products.  Exfoliation creams and oxygenating creams are new in the market but have been lauded by many users thus can be trusted.

Beauty advice

An online shop selling Ayurveda products should always offer beauty advice on products in their shops as well as general beauty tips. There are many ladies and guys with skin issues and posit8ive advice offered will change someone’s life and their self-esteem/ confidence.

Healthy eating and living habits should be promoted too as they are the basics to a healthy and balanced body.

Customer Service

The treatment you receive when you contact an online shop should be outstanding. This also shows how they treat their employees and how the products they sell should be perceived. Ayurveda uphold calmness and the products sold should be sold to you ina polite manner acceptable to you.

In conclusion, online shopping has changed the way you live and you should take extra caution before making online purchases of Ayurveda products and any other product online.

Author Bio

Andrew Thompson is a marketing consultant for ayurvedicanti aging serums and offers advice on online shopping for Ayurveda beauty products and solutions. Check out his LinkedIn profile for more information on online Ayurveda shops. 

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Unknown July 06, 2016  

Thanks a lot Andrew for posting this article.Online shopping has changes the way you live and you should take extra caution before making online purchases of Ayurveda product and any other product online.thanks you for sharing and keep sharing always!!

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