May 20, 2016

Ayurvedic tips for healthy and beautiful hair

Learn essential Ayurvedic tips for luxurious strands!

Ayurveda is a science not only about health but also beauty because these two notions are tightly intertwined. There are many useful tips in Ayurveda how to keep hair healthy and attractive. To have strong and beautiful strands, you should maintain the health of hair roots and scalp. Thus, hairstylists at Natural Hair Salon in NYC recommend to follow a few Ayurvedic tips.

Tip №1: a well-balanced diet

Well-balanced diet plays an important role in the maintenance of hair health, specialists at Natural Hair Salon in NYC say. To treat hair loss and other diseases, you should eat sweet, juicy fruits, green vegetables, greenery and herbs with a bitter taste. It will be very useful to add some spices to your daily diet: cumin, turmeric, and coriander. Fry these spices with melted butter, and you will get a so-called in Ayurveda ‘ghee’. It is also recommended to include fresh grated coconut into your diet, and always use healthy oils such as olive oil or ghee for cooking. Don’t forget about dairy products: cheese, milk, and sour cream. At the same time, it is important to avoid those foods that are hard to digest and promote  toxins formation. Thus, reduce the consumption of refined sugar, cold drinks, canned foods, unhealthy fats, and fried foods. Visit a nutritionist and keep a diet that will be appropriate for your body (it will help to balance your body type – Prakriti). Take vitamin and mineral complexes to provide the body with the necessary nutrients.

Tip №2: essential oils

Try to avoid the usage of hair care products that contain harsh chemical ingredients, such as sodium lauryl sulfate. They lead to hair damage and breakage; strands look dull, dry, or greasy.

To bring back health and vitality to your hair, massage the scalp with special Ayurvedic oils. The most popular among them are brahma, coconut, and amlaka oils. A sesame oil takes a special place, as it is very useful for strands. These oils not only strengthen hair but make it glossy, soft, and smooth. It is better to massage the scalp in the evening, as it promotes good sleeping. Thus, apply some oil directly on your scalp and massage the skin with careful and gently movements. Then take a shower and go to bed. Replace ordinary hair masks with ones contained herbs, aloe vera, and henna. Comb you hair on-and-off, as it improves blood circulation to hair follicles. Give a preference to combs, which are made from natural materials.
Tip №3: good sleeping

A good quality sleep is a key to the health of the hair and the whole body. It is recommended  not to eat and drink for two hours before bedtime, especially such drinks as tea, coffee, and alcohol. Also, avoid fatty and spicy food. Sleep in a cool, well-ventilated room and preferably on your right side. Before going to bed, you can meditate to purify the mind from daily cares.

Tip №4: physical activity

Regular training also helps to stay healthy and attractive. It allows to clean the body’s excretory system through sweat. In such a way, our body takes the necessary nutrients easily. Moreover, physical activity improves mental and emotional state, helps to relieve stress and anxiety and creates a feeling of well-being.

Tip №5: get it together

Learn to live in peace with yourself. Every person is unique and beautiful. Live a full life, love yourself, and people surround you will love you, too! The attitude of understanding and kindness to the world is the source for your outer beauty.

Well, Ayurveda is very interesting science, which helps us to stay healthy and attractive. Keep in mind these simple but useful tips and be gorgeous!

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