Jun 28, 2016

Better Underwear for Men - Simple Rules on Men’s Underwear Etiquette

Men rarely give a second thought on their undergarments. Several factors like brand, material, pattern and many more have to be considered. Should men wear underwear? Is underwear etiquette essential for men?

Top reasons why men should wear better underwear
·         To wear the best fabric - The most important thing about branded underwear is the fabric. Underwear made from quality fabric is durable, comfortable and are skin friendly. Moreover, you can choose from variety of fabrics like cotton, synthetic cotton, silk and cotton spandex etc. Soft cotton is the best for everyday use. Cotton spandex is the best when you are working out. It has the property of absorbing more moisture. Your sweat will not be obscenely visible through your underwear when you work out.
·         To show off masculine profile - If women can use bras to uplift their breasts and to highlight their feminine profile, why should not men highlight their masculine profile? Underwear with pouches and slings etc. shows off the bulge. You also have waist minimizing waistbands, butt enhancing underwear, anatomy fit underwear and many more.
·         To get maximum comfort - Cheap underwear can cause irritation to your sensitive skin. Good underwear has larger and softer waist bands to decrease irritation and to make sure that your underwear is in place.
·         To choose the right one from the wide array of options - Branded underwear offers a lot of options like boxers, briefs, trunks, thongs, bikini, G-strings etc. You also can get options like low rise underwear, mid rise underwear and high rise underwear etc.
·         To choose the right color - When it is summer and when you wear light colored lightweight pant then make sure that you wear underwear to match your pant color. If not, your underwear will be visible through your pants.
·         To avoid embarrassment in the public- Good underwear offers maximum support. Why is it essential? You may get unwanted erection in public and this may be quite embarrassing. Maximum support saves you from blushing and being embarrassed before others.
·         To avoid infections - Breathability is very important for your underwear because lack of breathability results in yeast infection and other bacterial infections. If it is too tight or if the fabric is of low quality and if it is not cut properly, breathability is reduced. Good branded underwear is made taking breathability into consideration.

It is true that designer underwear is expensive than the unbranded ones. You should remember that cheap underwear will become tattered, battered, and threadbare and will also fade fast. They will not be comfortable and they lack in support and style. If you compare the durability and quality of branded and cheap underwear, good quality underwear gives you more returns for the price paid.

The main mantra in men’s underwear etiquette is frequent replacement. Don’t wait to discard your unfit ones. Make sure your underwear is clean and washed. Change into fresh underwear after working out. Go for the best quality underwear to stay comfortable and confident. Keep away from cheap underwear that can cause a lot of discomfort.

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