Jun 28, 2016

Creating a Comfortable and Cheerful Workspace

A good friend of mine has decided to leave her current office job and determined to pursue her dream to become a full time writer. She called me last week for discussing about her plan to set up an effective workspace at home. Since she still has no ideas on how to make it happen, I would like to lend a hand.  I have done a little research; below are some ideas and options that you can consider when creating your own personal office. 

Select the right spot at home where you can work at ease.
It could be a space inside a garage, basement, attic, dining room, bedroom or wherever that you might think as the best choice. If you are fortunate enough to have an unused room at your home, change the room to become a small office. 

Use first all items that you already have.
Just look around your home and be creative. There is no need to buy new office furniture if you can work with existing chair, desk and cabinet.  It also includes required office electrical equipment such as phone system, computer support and printer. 

Choose a decoration theme that suits your character. 
What type of ambiance that able to increase your creativity? Is it a touch of energetic colors; everlasting monochromatic in black, white and grey shades or natural look with decorative plants? 
My friend opted for colorful decoration option.  Adding vibrant colors on top of a desk is never a mistake but it is still required to keep it simple and tidy. So we searched for some office stuffs in orange, yellow and red.  Going online is a favorite shopping way since we always enjoy its easiness, comfort, affordability and wide product diversity.     
Most online shoppers love the idea to purchase online while also saving money. One of most recommended ways to get attractive prices and best deals is taking benefits of voucher or promo codes that provided by many stores. Happily, there are already available coupons websites such as Dealvoucherz that could be a trusted reference whenever you search for the latest voucher listings.  


So we visited this coupons website to discover the free list of latest discount codes and vouchers.  I noticed some interesting offers for different categories there; but for her home office needs, we decided to shop at two stores: Jessops that proffers 10% off all Canon printer and voila, Snapfish. We got some cute items at Snapfish that would be perfect to décor and perk up her workspace: personalized mug, calendar, motivational posters and photo prints -in half price!
Thanks to Dealvoucherz.com for providing the exclusive voucher codes that allows every buyer to shop and save; it is really good news for any budget-friendly home office plan. 

Keep the desk organized and clean.
Neat workspace will ease you to concentrate and focus on your work.  Finding needed stuff would be much easier too. Useful holders and labeled boxes are much functioned to put all office materials in order. You can put label on each box or storage with different tags such as mail, bills, office supplies, etc. 

Following the whole steps above make your home office space construction cost-effective, easier and fun!

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