Jun 17, 2016

The Wonders of Permanent Makeup and How It Can Improve Your Appearance

Permanent makeup is increasingly becoming popular amongst women, who may want to avoid the time spent and hassles faced everyday in applying makeup.

Permanent makeup and its benefits
Permanent makeup is basically a cosmetic tattoo and involves implantation of microscopic colors into the skin. Permanent makeup is also known as micro pigmentation, cosmetic tattoo and permanent cosmetics. It can significantly improve a woman’s appearance. Some benefits of permanent makeup include:

·         It can save women from the hassle of applying makeup every day.
·         Permanent makeup is beneficial for women who may face difficulty in makeup application due to physical disabilities.
·         Cosmetic tattoos can save the time spent in applying makeup.
·         Permanent cosmetics are suitable for women who may be sensitive to the preservatives and fragrance of the cosmetics available in the market.

Types of permanent makeup
Permanent makeup can be of various types depending on the specific area of the face where the make is to be applied. Few types include:

Makeup for eyebrows
Permanent eyebrow makeup is extremely beneficial for women who may have scant eyebrows. It can end the hassle of having to draw eyebrows every day.  This make up is beneficial for women, who may have lost their brows to chemotherapy and other medical treatments.

However, before opting for eyebrows tattoo, it is advisable to take into consideration the frequency of plucking and make up application on the eyebrows. For more information regarding the feasibility of eyebrow tattoos, visit skinpeccable.com.

Makeup for eyes
Many women opt for permanent eyeliner tattoos to avoid eyeliner application every day. The eyeliner may be tattooed on both the lower and upper eyelids. The permanent eyeliner is preferred by women who use contact lenses. Application of eyeliner while wearing contact lenses may cause smudging. Permanent eyeliner can resolve such issues.

Makeup for lips
Permanent lipstick tattoo can benefit women who may have pale or thin lips. Permanent lipstick tattoos may also prevent transfer of the lip color to people or objects.
Most women apply lip liners to make their lips look fuller. The application of lip liner may require expertise. A permanent lip liner can save women from the hassle of applying lip liner daily.

Makeup for skin imperfections
Permanent makeup can help camouflage skin imperfections and scars. It can help the skin look flawless without having to apply makeup everyday to hide imperfections.

Factors to consider before choosing permanent makeup
Permanent makeup has numerous benefits. However, it is advisable to consider the following factors before opting for cosmetic tattoos:
·         It may require retouching after twelve months.
·         It is advisable to get the procedure done only through a certified practitioner.
·         It is important to select the cosmetic color carefully to match the skin tone.
·         Post procedure precautions like avoiding sun exposure and preventing infections are important to heal the skin.

Permanent makeup provides numerous benefits and can enhance the appearance of a woman.

While opting for permanent makeup, it is advisable to consult an expert practitioner. SkinPeccable is a renowned cosmetic and dermatology clinic in California. The experts at the clinic can provide best advice and solutions regarding permanent makeup.

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