Jun 23, 2016

Here Comes the Rain: Insects that Come Out During Wet Season

The rainy season is coming and while that spells a blessing for many people including farmers, there are negative side-effects that come with the rainy season. Landslides and flooding occur during the rainy season much to the misfortune of people who live in areas that are prone to those accidents. Another negative aspect to the rain is the fact that it brings with it a plethora of bugs that are in need of some exterminating. There are many bug related businesses around such as companies that focus on termite control in the Philippines.

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Hotspot for Bugs

The Philippines is a tropical country andit is precisely because of that that bugs are rampant in the country. A lot of pests love to thrive with the Philippines humidity which is why there are more known insects and pests in the country compared to colder countries. Pests such as mosquitoes are known to lay their eggs in bodies of water, regardless of how small the pool is. The Philippines is an island nation and there are many bodies of water within the country itself. Because of that, insects are known to thrive around human villages because these villages are built near a body of water.

Why Bugs come out in the Rain

Many bugs live in trees and most of them thrive underground. When it rains, water seeps into the Earth often flooding many insects and their abode. These hapless pests often climb up, as is the natural response to flooding, and they then find themselves seeking shelter in the nearest area that they can, often times in homes that are near a lot of dirt and water.

Bugs are often respectful of the food chain and they rarely go out of their way to intrude on place habituated by humans. However, pests are different because they are reliant on hosts, whether animal or human, in order to thrive and survive. Both bugs and pests are more rampant during the rainy season.

Research has also shown that bugs and pests are more prone to climbing up from their homes before a rain because they have sort of sixth sense that detects natural events and catastrophes, similar to how dogs and cats behave erratically before an Earthquake.

Bugs in the Rain

1.   Palo Verde Root Borer – A type of long-horn beetle, the Palo Verde Root Borer are known to mate in the summer and feed during the rainy season.
2.   Tarantula Hawk Wasp – Often considered as one of the most dangerous predators, these insects lure their prey in the most creative of ways. They are known to lay a trap by catching and paralyzing their prey.
3.   Rain Beetles – Mostly docile insects, Rain Beetles spend their lives underground except during the rainy and winter season.
4.   Red Velvet Mites – These bright red pests are known to be parasitic in that they live by leeching off other insects.

There are many other bugs and creepy crawlies that come out during the rainy season but it can be considered a safe bet to consult your local pest control service when these insects run out of control in your area.

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