Jun 29, 2016

Top 3 hair tricks


Woman’s hair is exposed to a huge variety of different problems; that is why it is so difficult to fight them all. Split ends, lack of moisture, knots, tangles, breakages, and weakness – all these things are waiting for those girls who don’t take care of their strands in a right way. Our professionals at one of the best Hair Salons, NYC are ready to share with you these three most interesting and useful hair tricks every woman should be aware of.

Secret #1 Say bye-bye to split ends

Even if you are longing for an extra long and beautiful hair, you are suggested to cut your ends regularly. Damaged, weak, and fried ends will ruin the whole look of your mane. If you ignore this problem, with time all your hair turns to be damaged, from roots to ends. Ask your stylist to cut minimum hair, to save so coveted length.

Secret #2 Treat your hair
Take as a habit to coddle your hair day after day. Use special oils to provide it with appropriate nourishing and moisture. Coconut oil, jojoba, and argan oil are the most popular ones. Include to your daily routine some natural hair masks to clean your scalp and settle the pH balance.

Secret #3 Protect your hair
Every girl likes to wear some interesting and voluminous blow-outs or to curl their strands like an insane. Unfortunately, all such experiments can damage your hair pretty much. Every time your hair touches some heat styling tool, the process begins. Use special serums to protect your hair every time you style it.

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