Jun 16, 2016

Factors considered by Mothers When Looking for Summer Storage Units

The beginning of a summer is an exciting time for most kids and adults too. This is because it is vacation time and a time to be jolly. The end of summer, however, brings sadness to most children. Mothers are always left to take care of things from organizing the children for summer camps as well as bringing back order after the holidays.

To simplify organization of the summer home and the vacations, they require storage units that will meet their needs and to some extent make their lives easier. Mothers therefore consider the following factors when looking for storage units:
1.   Punctuality
A company whose employees show up in good time is more likely to attract more clients. Your employees should keep time for pickups as promised and have convenient hours. Return time shouldn’t be delayed either. Your customers will lose trust fast if you delay the delivery. Punctuality shows that you respect your client.

2.   Available space
Storage units are available in different sizes. Mothers will have a specific size in mind and if you can take their load, then you will be their best choice. You should have closet sizes to handle children’s tents, bikes and other camping and sporting items.

Essentially, a closet should include boxes to hold the smaller items that will clutter the space.  Other options should be available as well. For instance, small rooms, or 2 and more than three rooms should be available to hold a family’s household items for the duration they will be out of the summer home.

3.   Locality
This is a determining factor for many mothers. As a mother, you want to use a service provider close to your home and one that will make pickup/ retrieval fast. This is because the end of summer rush comes with a lot of anxiety and everyone moves in at the last minute to work on things. 

A storage company that offers storage within a local area and one that will deliver on the same day of your request will definitely be preferred to the one that will take 2–3 more days before delivering the storage boxes and items. Closetbox facilities in the major localities make it possible for you to get storage within your reach at an affordable rate.

4.   Security
Besides protection from human threats like theft and damage or loss, the storage facility should also offer protection against mold and rust. Humidity contributes to rusting, damaging metals and other items. A storage facility, onsite or offsite, with a climate controlled system will be preferred. This will also offer protection against natural disasters.
Automated tracking of the transportation and storage online would make your clients more satisfied with your services.

5.   Storage resources
Mothers will always keep this in mind when choosing a storage facility or company. Insurance coverage for valuables is preferred as well as the bonded covers.  Self-storage and concierge storage as well as onsite and offsite storage options appeal to clients. 

6.   Professionalism
Treating customers with respect and handling valuables in a professional manner is one of the secrets to keeping clients.  Language use around kids and should be watched. As a storage, haul and moving company, you should ensure that your employees are vetted and their backgrounds verified.
In conclusion, a company that caters wholly to the needs of a customer is better placed in the market. Clients are choosy; this means that you must meet their needs and communicate your terms to them in a professional manner.

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