Jun 17, 2016

Bridesmaid 101: How To Make The Bridal Showers as Memorable as The Wedding

For a bride-to-be, what's more fun than looking through vacation houses for sale in Tagaytay? Her bridal shower of course!

A bridal shower is a party thrown for a bride-to-be by her bridesmaids. It is done in anticipation for her wedding. Besides your preparation for your wedding catering, you will prepare for your last functions as a single lady. Usually, it is a gift-giving party, however the celebration is not about providing goods for the couple's new home, but to make sure that the wedding takes place. Typically, men do not attend bridal showers, but recently have been attending.
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To plan a memorable bridal shower, here are some tips you should consider.

1.   Help. You don't have to plan the shower alone. You should recruit help from friends, family, or other bridesmaids to help with the planning. Each one can be in charge of different parts of the party, from invitations to the party favors. Not only will the division of tasks help relieve the stress and make the planning easier, it will also makes sure that nobody gets badly hit financially.

2.   The bride. What does the bride-to-be like? The theme of the bridal party should match the interests and tastes. You should keep in mind her preferences when choosing the decorations, activities, and menu.

3.   Decorations don't have to be out of this world. Simplicity can look great and elegant as well. For activities, games are an important part of the shower, and you should make them personalized, yet simple and fun. Keep in mind to leave time for the appetizers, drinks, and plenty of mingling!

4.   For the menu, you don't need a full meal, but consider the number of guests who will attend. Since this is a party, all you need to serve are several, many, and filling hors d'oeuvre, or appetizers that your guests can nibble on all throughout the party. You can also provide the guests with a bar so that they can enjoy a few drinks. Don't forget to consider the bride's favorites when thinking up of the menu or available drinks!
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5.   You should also consult her on the guest list. It's important to get that right, because it's her night, and the people attending can make or break her night.

6.   Gifts. When it's time for the bride to open the gifts, the hostess, should be beside the bride recording the gifts. This record will be helpful to the bride when she's sending out thank you notes to her gift-givers.

7.   When and when. Bridal showers are considered casual, but intimate parties. They are usually held at someone's home. A home can offer a festive but private atmosphere however, renting a function room or an event space is still good options because they don't require much work.

8.   Invitations. It may be easy to just send an email, or worse, a Facebook event invitation for the bridal shower. Since a bridal shower is a big event in a woman's life, so send out formal invitations, together with the bride's gift list.

What matters most is that the bride has a great time spent with her friends and family. So with these tips, throw the bridal shower of the decade to keep you and your friends talking about it for years.

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