Jun 24, 2016

Easy to Make Energy Snacks

One of the best parts about living in one of the many residential condominiums in Pasig city is being able to do whatever that you want. You could go clubbing, malling or even jamming along to the hottest up and coming bands and you’d still find numerous other activities to do. That’s the best part about living in one of the busiest cities in the country; everything is alive, growing and ready for the taking.

The Value of Energy

Having a lot of options with regards to activities is a great thing to have and not a lot of people get to enjoy that privilege; however, having the energy to be the best person that you can be while doing things that you love is an altogether different experience.

Energy is one of the most important things that make a person who they are. It is the drive that pushes people to be productive, happy and healthy. Energy is affected and accumulated through many ways such as sleeping, exercising and by performing stimulating activities. The easiest and most convenient way for people to stock up on energy however is by snacking.

For the average working person, the period between lunch and dinner is the most troublesome time. It is the peak of the hours in the office and it is also the time when people start craving for a quick bite to eat. Some people overdo it by eating a burger or two while others underdo this by not snacking at all. Studies have shown that efficient snacking can help people become more energized and therefore more productive in the office area. Imagine being able to work at more than your 100% by simply going for healthier options – that is the power of a healthy snack.

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Importance of Healthy Snacks

As stated earlier, the main importance of healthy snacks rests on their ability to fill a person just enough to escape the pangs of hunger while giving an energy boost that’s there to stay. Snacking on heavier food may not necessarily be a good thing because at the end of the day with nutrition, it is always quality over quantity.

Healthy snacking’s most important aspect lies in the fact that adjusting to a healthier lifestyle will most definitely help a person experience life and work in a much better way.

Here are some examples of quick and easy healthy snacks that people can prepare on-the-go:

1.   Salads – Salads are among the most versatile foods in the world. They can go with anything and they could be made with either fruits, vegetables or both. They’re great because of the variety that goes in them which allows a person to maximize their intake on nutrition and filling.
2.   Quinoa – Grains are essential in the body because they are filling and helps promote better digestion. Quinoa is essentially a muffin made out of grains. They’re filling and healthy. Yum!
3.   Apples or Bananas – Studies have shown that the two most energizing fruits are Apples and Bananas. They’re healthy, delicious and light for the stomach. In short, they are the perfect snacks.
4.   Energy Bars – Energy bars are a good source of protein and carbohydrates. They are also surprisingly simple to make. All you need are nuts, dried fruits and dates. You only have to blend them in a food processor and press them into bars. Let them chill overnight and you can cut them into small rectangles once they’re ready. These bars are easy to bring and easy to consume and will of course, pack a lot of energy to fuel you for the day.

There are many more snacks that people can snack on whenever they need a quick energy boost. Some of which are low on sugar and high on nutrients that will surely give an ease for people that are taking medicine for diabetes, anemia, or any other disease that require constant medication. Whether you’re a sickly or healthy individual, providing yourself enough energy will truly give you that every day push you need. However, the most important thing is moderation. You can eat healthy food and still get fat so moderation is the key. Keep that in mind and healthy snacking will essentially become second nature to you.

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