Jun 3, 2016

Quick tips when buying designer shoes

Designer shoes are expensive, there’s no denying that. It’s practically because you’re not buying the shoe itself, but the name that goes with it. The designer brand is not just any other name, too: it carries a high reputation of trust and credibility due to its design and durability. So yes, when it comes to designer shoes, you’re not merely buying the product; rather, you’re making an investment.
But since designer shoes can be very costly, counterfeit makers have surfaced and are offering faux pas versions of the branded shoe models. Some of these counterfeit products have copied almost every part of the original, to the point that you cannot distinguish the fake from the real.

So how do you know if you are buying original and not counterfeit designer shoes? Here are some quick and easy tips:

1. Make your purchase at the brand’s designated store.

Counterfeit products are rampant outside market, and not in it, otherwise they can be held liable for violating copyright laws. Hence, if you want to make sure you are getting the legitimate designer shoe, then you might as well visit the brand’s flagship store located in your area.

Indeed, the items in flagship stores can be hard on the budget, but you can expect nothing but quality and authenticity since the items come from the brand’s workshops. You can also check out the latest models in flagship stores as well.

For example, if you visit a Clarks Originals store, you will find the brand’s most popular models, such as the Desert Boots and the Wallabees, and their latest styles too.

2. If you’re buying elsewhere, look for signature markers.

If you’re not buying shoes at a flagship store, then you better beware. Not all department stores offer authentic designer shoes; some of them are just imitation models and come at cheaper prices.

However, there are ways to spot originals over a bunch of fakes. You may want to examine the shoe by looking for authentic brand markers. For example, an original model has its brand name embossed or engraved on the sole, while imitation models only have the brand printed. There are also stitches in which only authentic brands can make, and these set them apart from the fake styles.

3. Compare prices.

It is common for designer shoes to be expensive, especially the authentic ones. You may observe that imitation models cost lower than their original counterparts, although sometimes the price difference is not that far.

When comparing prices, you should also take into consideration where the shoe was made and the countries where the designer brand has its products made. This can set the difference as there are brands that are known to be operating in specific countries, and if the model you’re looking at is manufactured somewhere else then it is most likely counterfeit.

4. Do a thorough research when buying online.

Meanwhile, if you are a fan of online shopping, the more at risk you are when it comes to getting fake designer shoes. To avoid this, you may want to do a thorough research first, which includes finding credible sellers. There are online distributors of designer brand shoes that have already garnered a strong reputation due to their legitimate items, thus you may want to buy from them instead.

You may also want to read on articles that feature fake versus original products. There are blogs that feature specific brands on their posts, and the hot items under these brands that are often copied by fly-by-night manufacturers and sold at lower prices. These blogs are helpful as they give you insights on how to spot original from fake items.

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