Jun 8, 2016

Wedding Dress Alterations for Your Special Day

Everyone wants to look perfect on their wedding day. Many people have dreamt about that day since they were little children. And “The Dress” is of vital importance. People spend months trying to find the perfect dress and spend millions on it. Other women prefer to wear dresses their mothers and grandmothers wore. All in all, it is a very special event.
Alteration services:
However, as the wedding date draws near, it is not uncommon to see that bride has put on or lost weight for a new dress. This is where Love Your Dress comes in. They are committed to giving you the perfect fit with amazing wedding dress alterations. Additionally, if you are wearing a special dress handed down from your mother, Love Your Dress is equipped to alter such vintage beauties with great care. They have more than three decades of experience in this department and can help with everything from a quick hemline alteration to sleeve shortening.

With Love Your Dress, you can be assured that you will get expert services for altering:
·         Seam's
·         Tears
·         Invisible mending
·         Touch up re-dyeing
·         Re-modelling
·         Down sizing
·         Hemming
·         Sleeve shortening
·         Red-lining
·         New snaps
·         Button's
·         Beading repairs
·         Panel replacement

What makes Love Your Dress the very best choice for your wedding dress repair needs is because they use the expert technicians for carrying out your alterations. While the tradition of wedding dress may be old, alterations have been going forward in leaps and bounds, with respect to technology. Love Your Dress is known to employ cutting edge technology in making your dress perfect and extra special. Indeed they are so confident of the quality of services they provide that their alteration deals actually come with a 100% money back guarantee.

How Does It Work?
It’s actually very simple. Make an appointment by giving them a call with at least 24 hours notice and then just drop by at the factory for accurate measurements and voila you are good to go. You can rest assured that your dress is in capable hands and your day shall be a perfect one.

Other Services
The thing about We Love Dresses is that they come as a complete package for all you dress needs. They have more than three decades of experience in making dresses perfect. So if your wedding dress is damaged or dirty, especially in the case of vintage dresses which are handed down, then do not worry, We Love Dresses is equipped to deal with all dress reparations. Additionally they have an excellent cleaning service that can remove all dirt and stains from dresses and make them as good as new.

So what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate for even a second and place a call to We Love Dresses and stop stressing about your dress and concentrate on the other stressful wedding day plans and preparations. When it comes to wedding dresses, We Love Dresses has got you covered.
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