Jun 21, 2016

Makeup Ideas for Glasses Wearers

Nowadays, the whole fashion world spins around the glasses theme. How should we wear them, how to choose the best shape, what lenses to buy and thousands of other questions are swarming in every fashion-monger’s head. However, the most important is that even the most luxury custom glasses can spoil your look if you have applied the wrong makeup. What shades to choose, how to draw a contouring and so on, here you can find answers to all your makeup questions. Follow our tips and look like a star.

Tip #1 Say no to black liners

The black color is too heavy for your glasses involving look. Even if you always wear black linear, with glasses you should change that rule. Stick to some sparkling, deep blue, or red color to create a softer and more tender look. Don’t overburden your eyes with too dark tints.

Tip #2 Red spots

Pay more attention to your nose, especially to those horrible red marks glasses leave. Apply a little bit more moisturizer to this zone to get rid of this problem once and for all.

Tip #3 Dark shadows

If you have decided to wear glasses, you should never skip a concealer! Always apply it under your eyes to hide your natural dark circles and the shadow glasses create. So, even if you feel extremely lazy today, concealer is a must have for every girl, who wears glasses.

Wear your custom glasses properly and enjoy your life with our tips.
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