Jun 24, 2016


Does the growth of your hair leave much to be desired? Learn proper ways to ensure a healthy and fast growth of your locks!

1. Maintain your ends timely
Healthy and fast hair growth starts with regular appointments at New York Hair Salons. Your hair won’t start growing faster if you cut it, but regular trims can prevent split ends and breakage. Take care of your ends in time to encourage healthy hair growth!

2. Stick to a nutritious diet
It’s essential to provide your locks with the needed elements if you want to develop healthy growth patterns. Junk food isn’t the type of fuel your hair needs, that’s why you should stick to a healthy diet. Enrich your meals with veggies, fruits, whole grains, meat, fish, etc.

3. Impart your hair with strength
Prevention of breakage is the most important task when growing your hair, that’s why you should strengthen it. The best way to impart your locks with strength is to condition them regularly. According to experts at New York Hair Salons, nourishing and hydrating properties of the conditioner will make your hair resistant to breakage.

4. Minimize exposure to heat
You should use heated tools wisely when being committed to growing your hair. Exposure to heat can take a serious toll on your locks and make you abandon your idea. We recommend minimizing the usage if heated appliances and using a thermal protection when you can’t resist the temptation.

5. Stay away from chemicals
It’s important to avoid any chemical or color treatments during the growing period. These procedures are considered to be rather challenging for the condition of our locks; moreover, you should avoid chemicals in your hair products, so read the content carefully!

There is any other way. Read this : applying mixed essential oil for hair growth.

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