Oct 10, 2012

15 Different Types of Lingerie

Market is full of different types of lingerie, it is very important to know the various types available so that the right one can be picked for getting the perfect shape. It is also beneficial for maintaining a good posture and health, here are 15 different varieties available in the market:

1.   non padded bras : These bras don’t have any special pads attached, they are best for medium to large size women as they help in giving good support to the figure with total comfort.
2.   Bridal Bra/Corset: The name says it all, they are used for providing best shape under the wedding dresses, and they help in carrying the weight of breasts in much better way and offers total comfort.
3.   The Adhesive Bra:  They are without ant strap and back, they just support the breasts and are best for wearing under shoulder less dresses.
4.   Convertible Bra: They look very stylish and help in serving different purposes, the straps can be attached and detached according to the dress.
5.  Built-in Bra: They are fitted inside the dress like swimwear, tank tops, etc. for better comforts and shape.
6.   Cupless Bra: These are mostly used in erotic lingerie as they don’t have the cups, which expose certain areas. They are best for creating seductive atmosphere.
7.   Demi Bra: These bras have half-cups which helps in giving a good shape under low cut dresses.
8.   Front Closure Bra: They have hooks in the front; the back is plain and is best to wear under tank tops.
9.   Maternity Bra: They have removable flaps which help in easy nursing while providing good support to the breasts.
10. Full Support Bra: They are mostly used for day to day life as they cover whole full area; they are comfortable and provide very good support to the figure.
11.  Mastectomy Bra: It is used by the women, those who suffer with any type of health problems and have lost one or both the breasts.
12. Push-up Bra: They are mostly used by the smaller size women as they help lifting the breasts and create a very good figure by providing better supports.
13.Seamless bra: They are used for wearing under T-shirts, shirts and light color dress material as they show no lines on the dress because the cups don’t have any type of stitch.
14. Sports bra: They help in providing extra support to the breasts while doing any exercise or playing any sports, etc. They also reduce the risk of tissue damage and keep a woman healthy.
15. Padded bra: It has special pads attached on the cups for giving extra volume to the figure; mostly it is used by small size women for getting a good shape under different dresses.

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DeniseinVA October 10, 2012  

This is so interesting, it is something I don't think about but there are a lot of good things to know here regarding which garment to wear.

Shilpa October 10, 2012  

Interesting post on bras! I know only few of them...and I usually wear Push-up bra.

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