Oct 13, 2012

Top 10 Reasons You Should Buy a Diamond Wedding Ring

With the market these days, many would-be grooms may flinch at the thought of buying a diamond ring for their potential brides. However, there are many reasons why this gem has withstood the test of time and still is every woman's best friend. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should get your special lady a diamond wedding ring.

It Sparkles in the Light

A wedding ring with diamonds will look more aesthetically pleasing than a plain one. You can pick out a design with multiple tiny diamonds instead of buying one with a large solo stone. There are many budget-friendly versions available in the market today.

Interesting Back Story

The word "diamond" is derived from adamao, which is a Greek word that translates as "I tame". While giving your wife a diamond wedding ring may not necessarily subdue her, the stone's Grecian meaning will definitely interest her.


A diamond is not always whitish in hue. A specific stone can come in different colors, cuts and sizes. Your future wife will be thrilled at the prospect of picking out one that compliments her best. Feel free to ask the store's gemologist for helpful suggestions.

Comparison Is Probable

A woman will compare her wedding ring with those of her peers. She may feel undervalued and that can seriously affect a marriage. So if you decide against a diamond wedding ring, you had better splurge on a sports car for her. But then again, if you can afford a luxury ride, you are financially stable enough to buy that diamond ring.

Definitely Can Be Customized

Unless your paramour is a gemologist or a diamond enthusiast, there is no need to worry about the carat or cut grade of the diamond. As long as it is sufficient in size and set to her liking, it will definitely suffice. Remember to pick a reputable jewelry store to make certain that the stone and setting are of good quality. You may also have the ring customized to her specifications and within your set budget, of course.

Diamonds Are a Good Investment

Whatever the color or cut, diamonds make sound investments because they are precious stones. You can pawn diamond jewelry for a fairly high price in emergency situations when you do not have any cash or cards. Make sure you ask the Missus beforehand, unless you would rather sleep in the study until you get the ring back.

Timelessness Is Important

While many gems go out of style, a wedding ring with a diamond will look timeless. The ring you buy your potential mate should be made to last. Although her collection of baubles may evolve in the next 50 or so years, this piece of jewelry will perpetually remain on her left ring finger. It should be worth keeping there.

Make Her Feel Special

With the state of the economy lately, most brides do not expect to get a diamond engagement ring, let alone a wedding ring with diamonds. Imagine how her face will light up when she finds out that her ring will be set with one of the most precious stones in the world. That reaction is definitely worth more than the price tag.

The Promise of Longevity

Diamonds do last forever. It cuts through glass and is kinetically stable. It reflects qualities that you would want in a marriage. Buying your wife a ring that can withstand the test of time sends her a message that you want to be there for the long-haul. What woman would say "no" to that?

Why Not Diamonds?

Lastly, buy her a diamond ring because she deserves it. Not for any other reason but that you chose only the best for the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.

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