Oct 6, 2012

3 Gift Ideas for the Non-Traditional Woman in Your Life

If a special birthday is coming up, and you don't want to resort to the usual flowers or chocolates or perfume, then this article is here to help you come up with some ideas. We will be looking at three quirky gift ideas that may appeal to that non-traditional woman in your life. There comes a point in every woman's life where chocolates, flowers and perfume begin to look a bit same so for those looking for something new and exciting, these ideas should give you some inspiration.

One alternative to the normalcy of chocolates, perfume or flowers is a make-over coupled with a photo shoot. There are plenty of professional photo shoot packages available that include both the photo shoot and the make-over in one easy package. Allowing a wife or girlfriend to act as a model for a day can only brighten their spirits, can't it? The make-over (provided by an expert and professional make-over team) is often followed by a consultation with a professional photographer that then becomes a full blown photo shoot. There is nothing like a really good photo shoot for making someone feel better about themselves, and they will have the photo print to take home as a nostalgic reminder.
 If your wife or girlfriend has always dreamed of owning and driving a Porsche, Aston martin or Ferrari, you can give her the next best thing by taking a look at some of the Driving Experience Days that are on offer. These special days will allow both of you to get behind the wheel of some of the fastest and most expensive supercars, on a wide open racetrack. Not only will she be able to drive some the best cars in the world, but these driving days are also great stress busters, giving her the freedom to reach high speeds on an empty race track that is her own to enjoy.

This third gift idea is for a woman who loves chocolate and will never consider it boring, especially the fancy stuff. A way to get around buying her chocolates for yet another year is to make the chocolates between you, together! These fantastic chocolate-making workshops allow you to produce a variety of chocolates yourselves and to take them home at the end of the day, and it makes for a great relationship team-bonding exercise as well. You will get to learn about the history of chocolate, before making your own. But, of course, the most important part is eating the chocolate, and there is plenty of eating to be done. From a chocolate fountain sampling to making and tasting your own truffles, dipped in the most delicious Belgian chocolate, what's not to like for anyone?

Hopefully one of these quirky ideas has grabbed your attention, or at least spawned some other ideas of your own besides the usual boring store-bought box of chocolates, perfume and flowers. Or, if you are feeling most generous, why not supplement the usual chocolates, perfume and flowers with one of the above ideas? That way you're fully covered.

Neil Hilden contributed this guest post for Wish.co.uk. Neil is a freelance writer. He is also an automotive enthusiast and events organiser. His articles mainly appear on auto blogs.

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