Oct 19, 2012

2 Budget-Friendly Menu Ideas for the Bridal Shower

When you are making arrangements for throwing a bridal shower, a careful scrutiny of the budget will show you that the food is one of the most costly aspects of the wedding, no matter how budget conscious you have been. This is why it is necessary to have budget friendly food and menu ideas for your bridal shower without needing to serve unpalatable food to your guests on the special day of celebrations for you and your spouse. In case you are wondering how to strike a balance between these two aspects, here are 2 ideas that will catch your fancy:

1.   Pot Luck With Family Recipes

Are you intimidated by the prospect of arranging food for the numerous numbers of guests who are supposed to turn up for the bridal shower? Well, there is an easy way out of this problem.

When you are sending out invites, attach a piece of information with the same that the guests are required to bring in a unique recipe of their own cooked along with a small recipe card for the same. With every guest turning up for the bridal shower carrying a small yet substantial amount of food with them, you can rest assured that your fooding needs are taken care of. The foods that the guests brought in can be put up on a central location for other guests to taste and eat.

This idea is beneficial in more than one ways. Not only did you just manage to save an enormous amount of money that you would had spent on buying food from caterers you also made your own collection of unique and personalized recipes which you can use for the rest of your life.

2.   Tea Party

A tea party sounds fancy and fancy, grandiose and costly, doesn’t it? Well, it is not. The best part about having a tea party for your bridal shower is the fact that with the tea parties you can give your guests a touch with the by gone era when tea parties were considered to be grand and eloquent. You will need to make arrangements for various flavours and origins of tea in order to ensure that your tea party is a success.

Couple the offering of the various tea tastes with various types of milks, sugars and other ingredients and you just had a tea party which everyone will be talking about for quite some time now. It is recommended that you keep provision for small snacks and finger foods like sandwiches and quiches along with the tea party.

With the tea party, you can also rest assured that your headache of cost is taken care of as even the most premium form of tea will not cost anywhere near to a full-fledged food menu.

While these are small events and can be very much handled by yourself, you can consider hiring a reputed palo alto catering service to take care of the arrangements for your entire grand event on D-day. This would cover everything from decorations to food services. All you have t do is, sit back, relax and enjoy the moment. 

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