Oct 14, 2012

How to Choose the Right Galway Hotel

One of the most important things to think of when going on vacation is the right hotel. No one wants to spend their entire vacation holed up in a hotel which is very uncomfortable. The right hotel can make a lot of difference and this is the main reason why you should choose your hotel carefully.

If you are thinking of going to Galway, Ireland for a vacation whether alone or with family and friends, you must choose the right hotel early. Choosing the right hotel can be quite a challenging task, especially with all the programs, deals and promotions which are now available online. Galway hotels having tantalizing photos also do not help at all. It only leads to more confusion. They make you feel like you will be treated like royalty once you get through their door. It is important that you know if a hotel is able to live to its own hype. More importantly, how do you know if the hotel is right for you?

Every traveller has different needs, so it is important to ask yourself what is the most important thing in a hotel for you. For some people, the most important thing is a cheap price, for others it may be a great location or a fantastic menu.

What Matters Most to You?
Before you start your search for a hotel starts, you must ask yourself exactly what type of accommodations you want and the type of accommodation you will be able to afford on your budget. Once you have determined what your top priority is, you will be able to make a more targeted search. What are the most common determining factors for most people?

  • Price. Price is most often the most important factor for people. This is the reason why nearly most major booking engines today give people the option to sort for Galway hotel results by price. Remember not to limit yourself to the major search engines; there are other great places where you can find great bargains. You can use the booking engines to search for the best prices but remember to use the hotel’s websites to book directly.
  • Location. All booking engines will allow you to view the search results, as well as show you a map of the hotel’s location. You will be able to tell if the hotel is by the beach or the neighborhood where it is located.
  • Amenities. You would want to know if the hotel can provide you the service you are looking for. Does the hotel have a restaurant, fitness center, swimming pool or other?  You need to consider room types, rates, ratings and amenities.
  •  Ambience. If you would rather not go where most people go, you are very lucky because there are several small independent hotels which do not appear on major search engines which might be more to your taste. Finding them can be a little difficult but being able to book one is truly rewarding.
  • Friendliness. All travellers are looking for a hotel where the staff has impeccable service and where people are friendly.
Article by Elissa Joyce is a freelance writer who enjoys exploring Galway City, she writes about Hotels in Galway.

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