Oct 27, 2012

Exercise after Pregnancy: Why and When to Start

For nine whole months, you have borne your baby in your womb, dreaming of the day when you would be able to take her tiny, delicate hands in yours and today it is a reality. Being a mother has taught you a lot of things from feeding and rocking her to sleep to understanding the nuances of your baby and knowing the right techniques to take her in your arms. And amidst all these things, exercise has long been relegated to the background. However, trivial it may appear in front of your baby, who has already occupied majority of your everyday life now, exercising post partum is crucial if you wish to stay fit and get back to your pre-pregnancy shape again.

Why Exercise?
Ever thought how those gorgeous, svelte, celebrity moms get back to their pre-pregnancy shape so soon? Coupled with the all healthy and nutritious, low-fat diet that they undertake is the fact that they performed exercises both during and post delivery period. If you are feeling too lethargic and dawdling your exercise session, here are a few reasons why you should make some time out for them.

  • Skyrocket your energy- Post pregnancy schedules can be tough and tiring with your baby demanding lots of time from you, especially if you are into absolute breastfeeding. However, once you chalk out a twenty minute exercise regime for yourself, you will feel the difference in your resilience as you go along the whole day changing diapers, bathing and feeding and at the same time managing the household. Exercises by attending to your cardiovascular system make it stronger and help your body endure the burden of the new responsibilities with aplomb.
  • Do away with those post partum depression- If you find yourself undergoing bouts of disillusionment and mood swings, you need not visit the psychiatrist. Post pregnancy depression is a common thing and a daily routine of exercise can go a long way to uplift your spirits and brush aside those baby blues, leaving you fresh and happy.
  • Cast off the extra calories- And last but definitely not the least, exercise, combined with a healthy diet can help you achieve what you have been craving for since you delivered- your pre-pregnancy shape and flattening the bulging belly which makes you look five months into pregnancy.

When to start exercising
While there are certain exercises which you can undertake from the very first day itself, it is generally recommended not to resume exercise after pregnancy for at least 6 weeks if you had a normal delivery or more for a caesarian section. Since the weight gain did not happen in a fortnight, it is also advisable to be patient and get into the exercising regime only when you feel fit.

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