Oct 8, 2012

Shoe Trends for Women – This Fall

Shoes do maketh a woman! Almost all the clothes that women wear, conventionally, leave their shoes exposed for the world to see! Thus, the outfits simply have to be completed with the best of footwear and one that goes perfectly well with the whole ensemble. From the days of sober shoes made of leather and mostly available in black or brown or white or pink, women’s shoes have come a long way indeed. Colors, different materials, styles and designs have all made bold forays into women’s fashion. Shoes are also showing this kind of change. This fall, colors and bold choices seems to be the flavor of the day!

Most leading shoe manufacturers have brought out amazingly innovative designs in their brands. Colors seem to have made it in a big way under the spotlight, including neon, lime greens and shades of red too. Even glitter and sparkle have made it to women’s shoes. Of course, most of the shoes have combined this bling with “somber” colors like black and grey. But glitter has made it into brogues and Oxfords too. Color and glitter are making it to the shoes by way of embroidered shoes and metal tone studs and buttons as well. If this sounds a bit loud, wait till you hear of the next aspect of shoe trends this fall.

Most shoe designers are also making their shoes hugely manly. Metal toe caps in gold and silver finish have come in a big way. In fact, such use of metal is also seeing shoes being made with completely studded metal finish too. Huge buckles and ankle straps of metal are adding that bit of dash to shoes. Designers are also pushing the envelope in terms of shoe length. They have brought out a line that focuses on shoes reaching up to the knee. And yes, the good old jack boots are hitting the fashion scene too. One small word of advice though – do check them out very carefully before buying them. You need oodles of confidence to carry them off!

Fabrics and textiles are also changing the shoe trends this fall. More number of fabrics are finding their way into the shoes. Also, the choice of fabrics lies with textured, animal prints and even the use of graphics. So it all adds up to shoes with some major attitude on display! So apart from the classic leather, women’s shoes are also using reptilian skin and nubuck too. The laces are also showing trends similar to the shoes per se. One rather popular fall shoe trend seems to be combining neon colored shoe laces with formal wear. So you get brown leather shoes and hot green laces. And these laces are thick and big – so there’s no missing them!

Speaking of colors, shoes for this fall are being made with the good old black, gray and brown of course. But there is navy blue, maroon and a deep mustard yellow coming to the fore as well. These colors have found their way into the boots for men also. Some of the bolder ones are made with dual tones. So there is a tall brown boot with a splash of blue on the tops of the boots.

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AZLA October 08, 2012  

women who wear these shoes definitely beautiful, definitely looks cool

Icahbanjarmasin October 09, 2012  

Wow..beutiful shoes,I like it..lol.

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