Oct 23, 2012

Mini Becak

Becak is one of the three-wheel mode of transportation that generally found in my country, Indonesia. I guess it’s also found in some other countries of Asia.  Becak that I share here has similar form, but smaller in size.
Mini becak only suits for kids. When we had family lunch at a restaurant months ago, there are several mini becak for rent. My niece–Aflah- were interested to play; but not as a passenger. Since her legs still can’t touch the pedals, her mother pushed the becak from behind. She seemed enjoying the ride :)

5 komentar:

Gattina October 23, 2012  

What a cute picture ! and this "becak" seems to be very practical !

Leovi October 23, 2012  

Excellent photo playing with the Mini becak.

My name is Riet October 23, 2012  

That will be nice to use, lovely photo.

Online Tefl Course October 25, 2012  

I have seen this becak at some restaurants and this looks great and she looks very playful with this becak.

Liz October 26, 2012  

Great find for ruby.Visiting late for Ruby Tuesday.

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