Oct 17, 2012

Top 2 Hairstyles that Emerged in the Limelight with 2012 Milan Fashion Week

There is only as much as you can deck up with the best dresses, the classiest shoes and the most suiting makeup. Accept it, no matter what you are getting ready for, a drab office meeting or an evening out with your date, you just ant ignore the need of a fitting and trendy hairstyle to go with. This is why it is important that you know the hairstyles that have been setting the ramp on fire this year and what can be better than the Milan fashion week to take your inspirations from? Here are 2 hairstyles that caught the eye of the fashion critiques in this year’s Milan fashion week:

1.   Soft Up-dos Along With A Silk Scarf
Summer is all about comfort and presenting a palate of colors when it comes to your clothing, makeup and hairstyles too. This is why the best hairstyle for you during this summer will be the soft up-dos along with a colorful silk scarf. Sounds alluring, right?

This year’s Milan fashion week saw a number of designers choosing the soft up-dos along with the silk scarves hairstyle for their models and it goes without saying that the critiques fell in love with this idea. The soft up-dos will guarantee that you keep hair away from your neck’s nip which in turn ensures that you are comfortable in the hairstyle you are sporting. Add a splash of color to this by putting on a colorful silk scarf (preferably in the same tone as your dress) and get set ready to turn some heads when you step out of your home.

You can use the scarf that you are sporting as a hairband for your hair in case you feel uncomfortable controlling your mane of hair. You can also pin the hair up in order to complete the soft up-do of your hair. Facing difficulties with this hairstyle? You can always visit a Hairdresser in Eastbourne for some professional help!

2.   Messy Knots
Do you seem to have a liking for the out of the bed messy look and can sufficiently pull it off with the classiest of dresses in the most posh gatherings? Then you are in luck, with the messy knots hairstyle making headlines across the fashion magazines after its wide scale portraying in the Milan fashion week, it is surely the right time to get messy with your long hair and tie it up in a loose bun to complement your sexy dress!

Hairdressers Eastbourne are known for their expertise in messy knot hairstyles. You can always visit them for that perfect look. In case you are trying to get the messy knots hairstyle done at home then you must try and use a blow dryer on your hair while drying it after a bath. You can also add some grip and volume to your messy knots hairstyle by side parting it in case you have a fancy for the same.

These 2 super-hit hairstyles from the Milan fashion week will ensure that your hairdo is now as glamorous and fashion conscious as the rest of your attire and makeup!

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