Oct 23, 2012

Why Drop Earrings Should Be On Top Of Your Jewellery List

If you are looking to add to your jewellery collection, then you should pick up a few pairs of drop earrings. These items go well with a number of outfits and a large number of women prefer wearing them on a regular basis. The other types of earrings are pretty popular as well but this particular one is sported by a number of females who are looking to try something different from day to day.

  • Formal and party wear: The best thing about such earrings is that they can be worn on a variety of occasions. If it’s an office meeting or an after party, these dangling earrings can really add a touch of style to your outfit. A number of women have to juggle their professional and personal life, thus changing from office wear to a party dress can get a little cumbersome. However, such earrings can be clipped on in the morning and they can stay on till the night comes to an end.
  • Plethora of designs: As any woman who wears such earrings will tell you, there is a lot of choice for you to browse through. For example, chandelier earrings that fall under the drop category are perfect for a formal event. They draw attention to your face and come encrusted with a number of precious stones. The teardrop and charm variety are also quite popular. The former is known for its versatility and minimalist look while the latter involves a hoop that sports a small gem. Both can be worn on a large number of occasions.
  • Availability: This is another reason why these earrings have become quite popular with women all over the globe. Whether you’re looking for an expensive pair or something from a flea market, you are bound to find the one you love. They are readily available at junk stores, large jewellery outlets, and wherever else jewellery is sold.

Drop earrings were popular since they were introduced into the market. Celebrities have always preferred this variety to the others and this further increased the popularity of the earrings. Pick something that is not too flashy and that you can use with formal and other outfits, as well.

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