Oct 21, 2012

History of Pandora Beads

The world today is going gaga over Pandora jewelry, unique as it is in both its aesthetic charm as well as the aspect of creativity and customization. The range of jewelry pieces formed out of the beautiful Pandora beads namely, bracelets, necklaces, and watches have become a rage among women of all ages. But what triggered the idea of this unique jewelry and why was such a name chosen for the same? Take a peek into the humble history behind what has turned out to be one of the most well-known jewelry companies of the world.

The Origin
The origin of Pandora jewelry and beads can be traced to Copenhagen in Denmark where a Danish couple Per Enevoldsen along with his wife established a jewelry shop in the year 1982. Most of their jewelry merchandise used to be imported from Thailand, a place they used to frequent quite often. The business expanded and the demand for the jewelry too witnessed a considerable increase leading them to turn their business into a wholesale one. A couple of years down the line in 1984, they set up their own production house by the name of Pandora Productions with designer Lone Frandsen recruited to create their own bead designs. The company, in 1987, moved base to a more spacious and ostentatious designer studio office in the city, which still operates as the company’s corporate headquarters. Later, with Lisbeth Eno Larsen joining as a co-designer to Lone, Pandora witnessed unprecedented success as one of the world’s most coveted jewelry range.

The Name
What made the creators pick out the name “Pandora”? The inspiration was derived from none other than the Greek mythological tale of the first woman Pandora. As the story unfolds, Zeus was infuriated by Prometheus’s act of stealing fire which he found with the immortals and had sent it down to the mortals on earth. Hence, in order to teach him and the mortals a lesson, Zeus created Pandora and bestowed her with all sorts of virtues and gifts from various Gods. Among the gifts was a box which she was prohibited from opening. However, Pandora’s curiosity increased until one day she could refrain herself no longer and opened the box. The moment the lid was opened, all sorts of evils came out and spread across the whole gamut of the earth. What remained inside were only the virtues of Inspiration and Hope. This is what the creators of Pandora jewelry aimed at reflecting through their uniquely designed beads.

Pandora Today
Pandora beads have not looked back since then and the inimitable charm of the beads has known no bounds inspiring women all over the globe to create and re-create their own special and original bracelets for every occasion.

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