Oct 17, 2012

Wood Swings vs. Iron Swings

Playground equipment such as swings and swing sets are made from different sturdy materials. Different materials offer different benefits and also pose several types of dangers. Two of the most popular materials used for swings today are wood and iron. If you are thinking of getting a swing but are undecided as to which materials would work best for you, it is necessary that you get to know the advantages and disadvantages of each before making your final decision.

Wooden swings have maintenance requirement which must be observed in order to make sure that the swings have a long life. Wooden swings require a lot of frequent inspections. Signs of damage such as loose screws, broken and weak pieces and areas which need reinforcement must be addressed immediately. Wooden swings have a more natural appearance and they fit in easily with other playground equipment. Wood looks very appealing to outdoor areas.

The biggest enemy of wood is rotting.  Rotting is caused by several things, among them exposure to UV rays, rain and other weather elements. If the wood used in swings is rotten, beams, seats and other parts of the swing become very weak and vulnerable to damage. Swing sets which are constructed from wood should be treated in order to prevent damage.

Rusting is iron’s biggest enemy. Iron is more durable compared to plastic but is susceptible to rotting. Rusting is caused by various things such as rains, UV rays and winds. Iron erodes with contact to weather. Rusting weakens the metal, makes it more porous and prone to damage. How do you know if your iron is rusting? Orange brown patches can be seen on the bars, beams and seats. When subjected to weight, iron will bend or break.

With proper maintenance, the life of iron swings can be prolonged. They might even last longer than wood. Maintenance will include coating iron pieces with paint as protection from rust; tightening of bolts and making sure that the swing is still stable.

Iron swing sets can come in various colours. They can be painted any colour you like. They are more modern, streamlined and are great addition to well manicured parks and playgrounds.

Iron or wood? Which one should you buy? Aside from the advantages and disadvantages of each product, you should also consider your preferences and most importantly, the safety of the children. No matter how durable the material is, if the safety of the children using the swings is compromised, they should be a no-no.

Regardless which material you choose, you will be very happy to know that there is a variety of choices available today. You can also get them from your local playground equipment supplier or from online merchants. It is best that you look for a reputable store when you finally purchase a swing set. You want to make sure that you get your money’s worth and that you do not end up replacing the swing set every 6 months or so. Once you do have the swing set in your playground, make sure that you maintain them as instructed.

Article by Jenny Joyce is a freelance writer who enjoys exploring children’s playgrounds, she writes about Playground Equipment.

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Yen October 17, 2012  

I'd go for wood swing personally.

livingshed October 18, 2012  

i agree with you yen

Unknown October 19, 2012  

I've got some valuable information here and of course it really improves my vocabulary list in my effort of learning the English language. Thank u very much.

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