Oct 16, 2012

The Secret to Shopping is Saving Money

Who doesn't love a bargain? I've really never come across anybody who was excited at the idea that they spent more than necessary on any particular purchase. Never heard the phrase “oh, great I over paid for that!” It's just not in our nature, and it never has been. Ever since the dawn of the human species, people from every culture, and every part of the world, have been hagglingfor the best price possible on every single purchase.

It's still in our blood today; that's why so many people love to surf the Internet, comparison-shopping for a particular item they desire, seeing who has the best price. And when they find it, if they're ready, that's where they'll buy. It's a different experience on High Street. You really can't go into Marks & Spencer and start arguing about what that new sweater is going to cost; you're likely to find yourself tossed out into the street. Imagine going into Sainsbury’s and declaring: “I'm not going to pay that much for a can of tomatoes!” Instead of proceeding to the checkout line, you might find yourself being bundled into a nice little white coat and shuffled off into the rear were some nice blokes have a lorry ready to deliver you to the nearest institution.

It appears our only chance to practice our deeply embedded need to haggle for a bargain exists in the open air markets that one can find in many towns, sometimes during the week but often especially during the weekends. Items such as custom-made jewellery, or artists’ drawings and paintings offer the opportunity to engage in some lively banter back and forth before a final price is settled upon. If we didn't have that outlet practice or negotiation skills, who knows? We might go stir crazy!

Now, if saving money is really the objective, you don't have to engage in public arguments with small entrepreneurs to achieve your goal. There is a much easier, stress-free way, and you don't even have to leave the house to achieve it. You can actually shop online, and in many High Street stores, and actually get cash back for your purchases. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. By going to quidco.com, you will be able to easily sign up for this great opportunity, and start saving immediately.

Does Apple Have a New Trick up Its Sleeve?
Second-guessing what the famous company from Cupertino, California will introduce next has become a favourite pastime for many people who follow technology trends. The latest rumour, which is gaining strength, is that they will introduce a smaller version of their iconic iPad. It's been called the iPad Mini, and the name might stick. Based on the latest available information, here's how it looks:

  • It’s a 7.6 inch version of the classic iPad, which by comparison measures 9.7 inches.There probably won’t be a Retina display, the sharp and vibrant screen that is found  on the latest versions of the iPad and the iPhone
  • It should be thinner and lighter than the standard iPad, making it easier to hold, and even easier to slip into a purse or briefcase
  • It could very well have the new A6 processor, which is found in the iPhone 5, and is really, really fast
  • It will have one camera, maybe two, one facing forward and one facing backward.
  • How much it will cost, and when it will be released are still the subject of speculation, but many people hope it will be inexpensive and available soon.
With all of these new seductive and attractive electronic gadgets coming out, wouldn't it be great to go shopping for one, knowing you're going to get some money back? Visit quidco.com, sign up, and start shopping today, with the knowledge that you're being a savvy consumer.

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