Jul 9, 2015

A Perfect Guide into Creating a Romantic Atmosphere in Your Home

There is nothing as beautiful as being inside a romantic-feeling home. With a romantic interior there is this feel of easiness and happiness about it. Almost every part of the décor is airy, gentle, meek and sweet and if you feel like that’s the idea you want to pursue, then go for it.

If you are going for a romantic feel to your home, there is nothing as helpful as this guide to stir you in the right direction! After consulting some of the top interior designers and listening to their suggestions, we’ve decided to put together a guide that will make your decorating adventure a true joy!
Use a lot of white and see-through
Since you are set on going with romantic vibes, the first step to it is to make majority of items in your newly decorated home white, see-through, beige, eggshell… and similar colors that remind of freedom, gentility and happiness.

White is the simplest color in the pallet and it has that quality about it that makes you feel light. It is usually argued that deep colors like deep purple and red are romantic also, but in all truth they are more aggressive than anything else.

White is romantic in a mysterious and in the purest of ways.
If you are using white as base, then paint walls, doors and maybe even some wooden pieces of furniture white so that they frame the space. Later on, after you’ve done decorating the “big pieces” you’ll be able to use whites as accents (pillows, lamps, photo frames, etc).

Hang sheer curtains
There is almost nothing as romantic as wall-to-floor sheer curtains! They are one of the first things you see when you enter a room and if they are picked out right, consider half of your job done!

By making sure your curtains are a few inches longer than the length between the curtain rod and the floor is key to making the space look extra romantic. These extra few inches give a romantic, sensual feel.

If you are a lace type, you can opt for curtains with lace finishing or even choose an all-lace curtain. Only, when picking colors, go for see-through whites, peach, eggshell, beige and similar.

Collect and display antiques
Antique treasures are always a big plus to any romantic interior. There is something beautiful about memories and old-time trivia that will melt you. Obviously, you are not expected to make your home a museum of memorabilia but displaying a few old photos of your grandparents, a pillowcase your great grandmother fashioned, an old vase in the corner of the room, an antique mirror… will definitely make a statement in your beautiful home!
Fireplace for a warm heart
Having a fireplace in your home is not only super practical during those cold winter nights but it is also a wonderfully romantic! Imagine you and your better half sitting on a blanked in front of a fireplace, sipping wine and enjoying your time… amazing, right? If your house/apartment has the potential to have a fireplace built in, don’t doubt installing it, not even for a second! Most interior decorators often opt for Blazing Glass' fire glass as it is most affordable and by far most practical!

Finishing touches matter
Accents in a home can either make or break the whole structure of home. To get that much wanted romantic feel in your home, you can put fresh flowers in see-through vases, jars or bottles and display them in central places of your home. Their beautiful, delicate and lovely scents will definitely draw attention. You may even display three glass bottles/jars with flowers in them at the top of your fireplace.

This designer’s trick will definitely draw attention! Further, light (scented) candles and let the elegant glow of natural fire fill your home with romantic vibes. Put a few in a window, in front of a mirror, on your coffee table… they will look amazing. If you are going for scented candles, make sure you use scents that blend well together. For an additional romantic feel, add a few extra big white cushions on your sofa beds and install dim lights in your home.

Each one of us has their own personal style which stands out in the milieu of all others, making a statement and speaking at length about who we are and where we are at in our lives. This guide has hopefully helped you get an idea of the type of home you want. Good luck decorating!

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