Jul 23, 2015

After-Baby Body: Changes that are Sure to Happen After You Give Birth

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The moment you found you were pregnant was probably one of the best moments of your life! Obviously, that same moment was the most terrifying realization of your life! Not only will your whole life dynamics change, but you knew your body was going to change also, and you probably started panicking even then.

We are listing some of the most common changes in women who have recently given birth and ways to deal with those changes.

Hair Loss
Don’t panic, you aren’t going bald! Hair loss is a normal process of your body dealing with the changes. During pregnancy, your hair got thicker and you didn’t lose as much hair as you normally would (i.e. an optimal number of hairs lost per day is 100). With the pregnancy over, the body is trying to compensate and lose extra hair for the first six months after delivery. The important thing – hair loss isn’t a permanent state. Your hair will go back to its normal state soon enough.

Teeth and gum changes
For some women, teeth and gum changes are expected to happen. This is normal due to the fact that the baby is taking all vitamins and minerals from your body, so teeth decay faster than they normally would is probable. Further, your teeth may get more sensitive than before.

Many women experience bleeding gums during pregnancy.  This happens due to the shift in your hormones which increase the blood flow to your gums, resulting in your gums possibly swelling or bleeding after you brush your teeth.

You also become more susceptible to gingivitis during pregnancy.
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To  prevent all potentially harmful changes, go to your doctor regularly and advise with him/her on what vitamins to take to keep your mouth healthy.

Skin Discoloration
Skin discoloration is common for some women, and it is called "mask of pregnancy."

Dark color around the eyes or redness around mouth and chin are just some of the skin discoloration situations. Contrary to this, some women will see their skin clear up. All conditions should be gone within weeks.

Breast Changes
For a day or two after the birth, expect your breasts t become swollen, flushed, sore and engorged with milk. Once this swelling goes down, your breasts will probably begin to sag as a result of the stretched skin. Unfortunately, breastfeeding is one of those post-pregnancy changes that tend to change the shape of your breasts completely. It is not uncommon for women to turn to plastic surgery in order to get their breasts looking plump and natural again.
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Vaginal pain and discharge
If you are giving birth naturally, your vagina may feel stretched and tender after you’ve given birth. In case you’ve had episiotomy, cold packs right after delivery may help ease discomfort.
Expect vaginal discharge shortly after delivery, manifested through blood and urine leaks you won’t be able to control. This happens because of of blood and what is left of the uterine lining from your pregnancy.

If you start having sex early on after delivery you may experience vaginal dryness (especially if you are breastfeeding at the time) which may make intercourse very uncomfortable.
As for your periods, they may not return for several months or or possibly not until you stop breastfeeding altogether.

Incontinence is one of the changes you are to expect, also. The baby isn’t pressing on your bladder anymore, so you won’t be urinating as frequently. Some moms may also suffer from incontinence or a urinary tract infection, causing a burning sensation during urination.

Stomach Changes
If you’ve ever wondered why do women who have recently given birth still have that belly pouch, here’s your answer – the uterus is still hard and round (weighing about 2 1/2 pounds) in a woman who has recently given birth. Since you are a new mom, you probably have it yourself. Everything should go back to normal in the course of six weeks.

Unfortunately, the stretch marks you have developed aren't going anywhere. Also, some flabbiness in the midsection is normal for even the fittest moms.

To deal with this, women turn to either working out or a  liposuction for great looking body.  Both ways are legit. Plastic surgery may have been a shocker in the past, but today – it’s a normal aid for anyone who isn’t feeling comfortable with how they look. Exercise your right to liposuction if you like, there’s no harm in that. All the changes w have listed are an absolutely normal aftermath of carrying a baby inside of you. So, relax and stop panicking, you’ll be okay!

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