Jul 17, 2015

This is How You Find the Right Guy

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Finding the perfect guy that will be everything that you want him to be is all but easy. While this really is difficult, it is not impossible and if you put enough effort into it you will surely find somebody that you really like. Here are some tips and hints on how to find a great guy and what to focus on.

Know What You Want
The most important thing in finding the right guy is knowing what you really want. Knowing this will in turn allow you to know what you can expect from your perfect date and what sort of things you desire. If your idea of a perfect guy is a guy with big muscles, have in mind that you he will spend a lot of time working out and as such he may not be too interested in books for example. Before you start creating the image of a perfect date in your mind, think deep about what is it that you really want from you guy.
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Nobody Is Perfect
One of the most important things to remember about looking for the right guy is that nobody is perfect, neither you nor the guy you are looking for will come without certain quirks. Focusing too much on such things or trying to change them can only bring a lot of problems for you. Try to look for people who you really like and not those who you think you can change to better suite your idea of perfection.

If you have plenty of friends ask them if there is somebody they know who would be great for you. While this does not often mean that you will find somebody straight away, you may meet some new people who you didn’t know about before. Expanding your horizons and meeting new people is a great way to meet somebody who you may like.

Be Who You Are
While trying to be a perfect person on your date can work for one day or two, have in mind that you will eventually end up in a relationship in which you will always have to present that you are somebody who you are not. Try to be yourself and be open minded about who your date is. Your perfect guy could be somebody that you didn’t really think about that much but was simply always there for you. If you spend too much time trying to impress others by being perfect, you might fail to notice that great guy that you are looking for.
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Take The Initiative
If you like somebody, don’t wait for them to ask you out or come talk to you. Go for it and talk to them, you don’t have to wait for them to make the first step. Even if you are too shy to ask somebody out, just talk to them and listen to what they say, you will be surprised at just how comfortable you can get by just talking to people.

Use Your Advantages
Some people are just classically beautiful, some are really smart and no matter what you think, everybody comes with something unique and interesting that a potential partner could find interesting.  Use your great looks, intelligence or unique hobbies to your advantage and don’t focus too much on things that you think are your flaws.

Dating Companies
If you simply don’t have the time to hit the clubs or you don’t enjoy being around a lot of people, elite dating services can be a great solution for this problem. Apart from eliminating the whole process of talking to a lot of different people, they can help you to get in touch with people whom you would never meet otherwise. Remember that some of these companies charge their services and not all of them are good at what they do.

Finding a perfect guy is not all that difficult if you realize in the start what you really want from a man. A perfect person is simply somebody who you learned to love with all their flaws and quirks included. Figure out what you really want and go for it, because the only way not to meet somebody nice is not to try at all.

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thomas July 20, 2015  

Finding the right one can be quite illusive sometimes.

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