Jul 28, 2015

Trees on a Graveyard

Last week I spent a few days in my husband’s hometown to visit my father in law and mother in law’s grave. I saw lots of frangipani trees on the cemetery. We call frangipani as kamboja here. Their intricate branches create strong ambiance.

3 komentar:

Gemma Wiseman July 28, 2015  

These trees have wonderful, shapely boughs.

NatureFootstep July 28, 2015  

I like the look of these trees, the way you can look through the crown :)

Latane Barton July 28, 2015  

frangapani don't grow outside where I live. I once had one in a pot and I kept having to cut it back. I know those in Hawaii grow very tall so it was nice to see your pictures of these tall and lovely trees.

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