Jul 14, 2015

How to Plan a Perfect Summer Party

Believe it or not but planning a huge party and organizing everything isn’t easy work. In order to plan a successful summer party and to make sure everything goes according to plan, it’s important to think ahead and to think smart. Being a perfect hostess and making sure everybody is having a good time and that everything is in perfect order is quite demanding, but not impossible. Here are some tips on how to throw the best summer party that everybody will talk about!

Plan Ahead
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First things first. You need to create a concept and a theme for the party. This means that it’s important for you to decide what kind of party do you want to organize. Planning ahead should start at least a couple of weeks before, perhaps even a month. When planning everything, take into consideration the location and the date of the party. Will it be and outdoor or indoor party is a quite important detail. Be sure to create a general list of what you need to get done in that period of time. For instance, a checklist that includes a general to do, a budget list and also a general supply list. These checklists don’t need to go in details; you will fill them up as you go.

Organizing and Making a Checklist
When the first step is over, the next step is to thoroughly organize everything and make a detailed checklist. This should be done about 3-4 weeks before the party. This includes making a guest list and sending it out. The invitations should include the location, date and time. Also, decide whether you’re doing it online on the old-fashioned way. In this period of time, you should definitely already have the theme all figured out, so you should know what kind of decoration and music you should have ready.

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The only thing that remains to do, about one week before the party, is to actually prepare everything, go shopping and purchase everything you need. This includes stocking up the bar with drinks. A good idea is to purchase personalized Stubby coolers, to make sure that nobody mixes up their drinks, and also to make sure their drinks stay cool all evening. Buying all the food and groceries you need. Also, if you lack dishes you should buy what you need. Don’t forget about decoration, that also means candles, napkins, tablecloths etc. You should also purchase cleaning equipment for after the party. Also, it’s very important to notify the neighbors that you will be throwing a party.

Finishing Touches
A day before the party you should already have in order, it only remains to give it a couple of finishing touches. This means that you should clean the house thoroughly and arrange all the decorations. Start preparing the food that takes a long time to finish. Also, check if you have forgotten to buy anything and make a last run to the store. Prepare your house for the party, rearrange the furniture or set up the yard as you planned. Do everything you can to make it easier for yourself on the actual day of the party.
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Day of the Party
This is it. You should finish preparing the food and setting it up on the tables. First the snacks, drinks and aperitifs, and later on the main dishes. Do some final decorating if you missed anything. Be sure to freshen up and greet the guests as they start to arrive. And last but not least: Enjoy the amazing party you threw!
Throwing a big summer party isn’t something you can do over night. It requires planning ahead for at least a month. But the most important thing when planning a party, beside the fact that you need to organize and purchase everything, is actually to enjoy the whole process. It can get overwhelming at times, but the key is to keep a positive attitude and think about the finishing results. All the hard work you will have to do will finally pay off when you throw the best summer party and see all your friends and family having a great time and enjoying themselves, knowing you made that happen.

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