Jul 8, 2015

Small Business Cloud: the Importance of Partnership

If you are not familiar with the notion of “cloud”, it refers to a centralized location on the Internet that stores data. And, not just that – the benefit of cloud is that it makes all that data accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere. Given that the Cloud has a number of benefits, small businesses have embraced it big time.
What are the positive sides to using the Cloud?

1. Ease of Use
It doesn’t get easier than accessing files on the Cloud which is why many companies and individual users are choosing the Cloud as the best option. Even if you are in a non-technical business or you are not that much informed about storing data in the Cloud, mastering ways to do it is pretty easy.

2. Reduced Cost
A significant amount of money can be saved with replacing physical data storage with the cloud. It’s a perfect way to save up some money if you are, say, a young company still struggling with its budget.
3. Flexibility
The Cloud follows your progress. Meaning, whether your company is shrinking or expanding, the cloud will follow its pace.

4. Automation
Most applications that use the Cloud automatically update themselves which means you’ll save a considerable amount of time and money as you won’t have to invest in IT support that would keep your file storage system updated and maintained.

What are the negative sides to using the Cloud?

Honestly speaking, information stored in the Cloud may be subject to data online theft. Recently, security of data stored in the Cloud as well as the potential loss of control over that data is serious and much talked about concerns.

However, luckily there are ways to protect your data, so, there are no reasons to panic.

How can small business use the Cloud?

1. Data Backup
Whether you are a small or bigger business, the importance of backing up your data is evident. You want to avoid losing everything in case there comes to a system failure or some other unpredictable disaster.

Great thing about the Cloud is that it automatically updates your work while you are still working on it, which majorly simplifies the whole process. “The cloud creates copies of your data off-site where it will be safe from any local natural disaster, theft or malfunction”, say satisfied users of the Cloud.

2. Information Sharing
The Cloud makes sharing data effortless and reaching your colleagues across a distance or those in the office next to you becomes a piece of cake.
With your data backed up, sharing files becomes so easy and unproblematic, as easy as sending a link. With the Cloud usage, say a happy goodbye to painful emailing of large files or saving copies on drives that are then mailed.

3. File Storage
A natural way to enhance your marketing services is to use a lot of video, audio and images. These are known to take up a significant part of your hard drive space which is not only a pain but it can be pretty costly. The Cloud allows you to save local storage for the files you need to access every day by shifting the storage of large files off of your local system.

4. Mobile Working
The Cloud is amazing especially for small business. And, this is why - small business owners are given the opportunity to create fully functional mobile offices. “The Cloud fits in perfectly with this because it allows you to access and sync your data from wherever you are, essentially allowing you to take your office with you on the road”, explain IT experts from managed services Brisbane.

5. Growth Planning
One of favorite benefits of using the Cloud is that it allows small businesses to create a plan for growth. It uses the Cloud for all planning without a significant up-front investment. You can start small, and then, with the expansion of your firm, increase the usage over time. During this time you’ll be only paying incrementally for the services and access you need. 

Deciding to start using the Cloud may just be the best thing you can do for your company. The benefits of using the Cloud are amazing!

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