Jul 30, 2015

Skinny Jeans All the Way

Skinny jeans, ones that outline both positive and negative side of female legs, are even worn by many famous fashion icons like Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss and Scarlett Johnson.

What shoes to wear with skinny jeans? There are several reasons why girls prefer to wear them. However, sometimes they have problems to choose proper footwear to match well with them. If you do not choose the proper shoes, skinny jeans will make your legs shorter than they really are.

Skinny jeans all the way by mavi.net.au
Simple ballet shoes with skinny jeans look beautiful on long legs, while they are not recommended for girls with short legs. You can achieve a very elegant look with the combination of black-beige ballet shoes, beige shirt and a black bag.

Girls with short legs should choose to wear skinny jeans with pumps. The ones in bright summery colors are an absolute hit and they will make your combination very fashionable.

When you do not know what footwear to choose, opt for the platform shoes and you will not go wrong. Platforms are great shoes for spring and summer and look great with skinny jeans. Spice up your outfit with your favorite bag and earrings.

Create a rock outfit with a pair of ankle boots. Excellent combination of skinny jeans, boots with rhinestones, stud bag, edgy blouse and phenomenal staple ring will make you look like a rock star.

If you like to wear sandals you should know that they work well with skinny jeans. Choose a beige or light pink shades of sandals and the same color blouse or bag and of course, don’t forget sunglasses for the casual summer style.

In winter you will be chic with knee boots over your skinny jeans. Flat suede boots would look great during the day, while the leather heel boots are a better option for a night out.

The combination of skinny jeans and blazer is always trendy. Great blazer can revive any classic jeans. You just have to decide whether to choose blazer in a neutral or slightly bolder color.

Roll up the legs of your favorite pair of skinny jeans and you'll get a completely different look. This style is relaxed and lovable and perfect for your weekend look.

Skinny jeans all the way by mavi.net.au
Distressed looking jeans can actually look pretty and elegant. They are an excellent choice when you want to highlight your legs or place the emphasis on your favorite pair of shoes. Try to pair black distressed skinny jeans with a fitted shirt and ballet shoes – it looks amazing.
If you pair your skinny jeans with an oversized sweater you will achieve cute-sporty look. This styling is relaxed and likable and goes great with sneakers.

Colorful jeans are very popular at the moment. Accept the current trend and get a pair of skinny jeans in your favorite color. Big colors now are basics, such as red or yellow. When you opt for this kind of jeans, make sure that your accessories are in neutral colors.

Skinny jeans are the most difficult to deal with if you have hourglass or pear shaped figure, but that does not mean you cannot wear them. The most important thing is to pay attention to the color. Dark colors are best for the ladies with wider hips and thighs. Details and prints should be kept to the minimum. Of course, pay attention to the size. Let them be your size – not smaller or bigger. Pair skinny jeans with a loose blouse or shirt to achieve good proportion.

Skinny jeans all the way by mavi.net.au
Jeans are an essential piece of clothing, and at least three pieces of those skinny ones must be found in every woman's closet in recent years. There are many different ways that you could wear them to look trendy and sophisticated.

Classic dark blue super skinny jeans should have pockets, low waist and the belt area, which are also the characteristics of classic jeans. The most elegant appearance will be achieved if worn with a white shirt. With the transition into spring you can wear loose dress with them that wraps around the body and simultaneously conceals and reveals buttocks and hips. Light brown ankle boots with not too high heel go perfectly with this combination.

Gray skinny jeans are very trendy and somewhat unexpected garments go well with them - glittery top and a military jacket. Why not? High heels go along perfectly with this fashion combination.

Skinny jeans can be worn in different ways, and it all depends on your personal style and opportunities you have to wear them. A good pair of skinny jeans can be the basis of many combinations so do not be afraid to experiment.

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