Jul 21, 2015

USGoBuy: A Reliable Online Shopping Agent that Makes International Shoppers Easy to Purchase Online in the USA

There’s no doubt that online shopping has already become a much favored shopping style in this day and age since it provides online buyers with safety, affordability, easiness, comfort, and a broad range of products and services. According to the correlated statistics in the USA only, it mentioned that the largest portion of total online income came from online shopping stores in US (about $186.2 billion). Furthermore, some business forecasts state that online retail returns by the year 2016 –just in USA- could reach up to $360 billion.

Saving funds, time, and effort all at once while purchasing online is a privilege that every buyer would like to look for. Besides, online shopping also makes it much easier to shop anyplace in the world. It is now doable to seek different items from worldwide source of merchants. In this case, due to their reliability and good quality of wide range of products; shopping online in the US is always becoming preferred destination for most enthusiastic international online shoppers.

Unfortunately, online shoppers worldwide could face problems in shopping at any USA online store. Here are the most possible situations occur that can give difficulties to any international online shopper:   
- The US online store doesn’t ship worldwide
- Too expensive international shipping cost
- Your credit card isn’t accepted by US merchants
- The US merchant doesn’t ship to parcel forwarder

If such situation really takes place, what can you do to solve the problem? Is it still possible for online shoppers other than US people to shop online in the US? Well, say goodbye to all frustrations and worries since USGoBuy is already available to offer problem-solving services and help buyers worldwide to purchase at US online stores in much easier way.
ship from usa
What is USGoBuy?
In simple words, USGoBuy is a USA online shopping agency website that focuses in providing customers with trusted and useful services called BuyForMe Service and Package Forwarding Service.

Using any offered service means you only charged for the consolidated shipping fee and the actual shipping fee might be reduced up to 85% off shipping rates. You don’t need to pay anything else to this shopping agent.

With the help of provided shipping cost calculator, the discounted shipping cost to your country will be calculated and consolidated based on the package’s dimension and original weight.

USGoBuy Main Services
-BuyForMe Service
This service will help any buyer whose the credit card isn’t accepted by US merchants. The personal shoppers of USGoBuy will help you buying items as requested and then ship them to any worldwide destination.

So, if you face such shopping trouble, simply follow these four easy steps:
ship from usa
-Package Forwarding Service
As the largest and most trusted package forwarding agency in USA, you can depend on their expertise and excellent service. It can be seen from their large amount of existing clients –from global companies to persons- which are above 200,000 customers in more than 200 countries.  

This type of service will allow any international buyer to shop at any US online store that doesn’t ship worldwide and help any buyer who wants to deliver their packages from USA to global destination at more affordable rate. To apply this service, just follow these four easy steps:
third party shipper

To know more about how package forwarding service works, check out these five simple steps for an international shopping that applies this service:
address forwarding
You can see that it starts from registering as a USGoBuy member for free, getting your own US mail address automatically until your items shipped in fast, safe, and cost-effective methods.

USGoBuy definitely offers their customers with different advantages. Besides getting $5 USD off from opening a new account that valid if your total shipping cost at least of $50; USGoBuy also runs Share and Get Money program that starts from July 13th to August 3th 2015. Sharing your pictures or videos with products that bought via this shopping agent to friends and relatives will give you chances to get $5 and $10 coupons. To join this program, follow exactly two steps that mentioned on the related page. 
mail forwarding
Thanks to their excellent and beneficial offered services to international shoppers that can solve problems while shopping online in the US, a trusted shopping agency website such as USGoBuy really gives a great help! 

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