Jul 31, 2015

Tips on How to Prevent Sore Muscles after a Workout

We all have experienced soreness in our muscles after a hard workout, after pushing ourselves too much or even if we haven’t exercised in a while. Many people considered it a kind of a ‘good pain’ as it means that you are actually working your muscles and doing something good for your body, but  nevertheless it can get quite uncomfortable when you realize that you have issues with picking up a jar or putting a shirt on. That is why we prepared some tips for you on how you can enjoy your workouts and prevent sore muscles afterwards.
Tips on How to Prevent Sore Muscles after a Workout by killcliff.com

Many professional athletes resort to ice cold baths or showers after a hard workout. Why is that? Well it is quite logical when you think about it. It reduces the soreness of your muscles just as an ice pack reduces the swelling after an injury. Ice helps in speeding up the recovery process by chasing the blood away, which reduces the inflammation. That is why it is recommended to dip your whole body in an ice cold bath. If you aren’t quite accustomed to this, your body may experience a shock, so it is best to go slowly and start with colder showers first, and then work your way to cold baths.

Resting is a must do for any person who enjoys a good and quality workout. Some quality sleep is crucial when it comes to resting your muscles and preventing soreness. Some studies show that taking a two hour nap after a workout can do wonders to your muscles. Also, don’t be afraid to take it slowly and take a break. Pushing yourself too much can only do harm and can have negative effects on your whole well being. So it is best to plan your workouts in a way you will be able to sleep well during the night and obtain the energy for the following workout and to incorporate some well deserved breaks. Some professionals also recommend not exercising every day, but to make breaks every day or two.

Stretching out after a good workout is as important as having a good warm up before one. It is recommended to do at least 20 minutes of stretching and cooling down after exercising. It is very important for your body to gradually cool down in order to fully recover, and that is why it is crucial not to skip this step. It relieves muscular tension and helps break down the adhesions.

What to Eat (Before and After)
Your diet before and after exercising is a big part of your workout and it has a huge impact on your body’s recovery afterwards. It is important to choose your pre-workout meals wisely. This means to eat in a way you will gain enough energy to withstand the workout but in the same time not to overdo it in order not to feel sick. About 2 hours before a workout is an ideal time to eat. It is recommended to get some lean proteins and complex carbohydrates before a workout.

Afterwards it is best to focus on protein based foods and full healthy meals. Potassium is a good post-workout choice. In this case, you should know the foods that will take care of your sore muscles.

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What to Drink
Tips on How to Prevent Sore Muscles after a Workout by killcliff.com
It goes without saying that you need to keep hydrated as much as you can. Drink lots of water pre, during and after the workout. Also, believe or not but it is highly recommended to drink chocolate milk after an intense workout. Some quality recovery drinks are always a good idea, such as xfit drinks which offer a variety of products loaded with electrolytes, vitamins and micronutrients for replenishment.

The best way to keep your body healthy and pain-free is to plan your workouts wisely. Make a lean schedule of what you eat and when, track the amount of liquid you are taking and also plan your breaks and rest periods as well. It is always a good idea to treat yourself to a professional massage from time to time. Be sure to not to push yourself too much and not to overdo your workouts. It is best to consult with a doctor or perhaps a professional trainer in order to design a perfect workout regime for you.

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