Jul 3, 2015

Lining Trees and Blue Sky

Another sky shot from my archives. This pic was taken years ago from a moving car while we’re on the Cipularang highway to reach Bandung (West Java, Indonesia).
From far distance, the silhouette shape of these lining trees looked attractive and unique.


5 komentar:

Jan K. alias Afanja July 03, 2015  

Wonderful shot of those strange looking trees in front of the nicely colored sky.

eileeninmd July 03, 2015  

Hello Lina, very pretty view of the trees and sky. Such a pretty blue sky, I love it. Have a happy weekend!

Leovi July 03, 2015  

That beautiful silhouette! Beautiful picture!

Nancy Chan July 03, 2015  

Great silhouette trees and beautiful blue sky!

Anonymous July 03, 2015  

Fabulous shot.

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