May 8, 2013

Bima Arya for Bogor City

The city mayor election in Bogor (West Java, Indonesia) will be held in September 2013. Still months ahead, but banners of different candidates can be seen already at some spots.
Bima Arya for Bogor City
 I really hope that Bima Arya can become the next leader of my city. We need a smart, young and idealistic leader like him. I'm very disappointed with the existing city mayor, he allowed my beautiful greeny city changing into a mall and hotel city. Sigh.

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Leovi May 08, 2013  

Yes, I wish the best for your city! Greetings.

shengy May 08, 2013  

wow..goodluck..btw, our election will be this coming Monday..

like you, I also wanted a politician who is smart too

Jacky August 04, 2013  

I doubt he is as smart as he look. But we should not judge the book by its cover right? The facts that should be taken into consideration are as follows:
1. BM PAN and NU do not support him. Why..?
2. He said corruption can be on purpose and by accident.. come on!
3. He is accused of campaigning by issuing a book.. but only he knows whether he is cheating or not right.
4. He is too young for such a big responsibility and power.... so is Anas, Malarangeng and Nazarudin.

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