May 7, 2013

Encouraging and Humorous OLX TV Commercials

Along with the increase in the amount of worldwide internet users who prefer to shop online nowadays, free online classifieds is becoming one kind of websites that has grown greatly.  When searching for the popular and the biggest free online classifieds in India, OLX can be the right classified platform that you should visit and trust. Many buyers and sellers have met online at OLX to perform various transactions.

Essentially, you may think about online classifieds as a huge diversified market place. Buyers, sellers, job seekers and service providers can benefit much from OLX as it provides you with a wide range of ads in different major categories such as mobile phones, home & lifestyle, electronics & technology, vehicles, real estate and jobs & services. Each user can apply this next generation of free online classifieds in India for their own purposes. covers many cities and provinces in India; it will definitely ease your locally search and free ad posting.

To increase awareness and reach broaden viewers and potential customers, OLX has launched a series of TV Ad commercials in India since the last few years. The newest and latest series of TVCampaign from have been published recently, have you seen them?

Herewith I share two videos of funny OLX TV Campaigns. In general, both describe daily-life moments of married couples in the middle class society. I think it’s the costumer segment of India citizens that OLX plans to reach more. Each couple in this TVC face definite problem and they decide to apply OLX as the problem solver –though the wives look happier with the result. Any woman surely likes watching these TV commercials as the husbands seem love their wives very much; they are willing to sacrifice and follow their wives’ wants, hahaha.

OLX TVC on the theme of Old Love

The cricket-big-fan husband was busy watching the match on a LCD TV while the wife arrived at home with hands full of grocery. Having got no attention from her husband, the wife became very upset. After discussing the problem –to ease her wife’s disappointment- the husband came to a decision to advertise and sell the TV on

OLX TVC on the theme of Old Promise
The wife tried to remind her husband the old promise he ever made –since 2 years ago- about having bike riding together to Shimla that never happened. When the husband asked what he should do; the wife advised to sell the bike through OLX. The husband advertised it and found a buyer easily at OLX.

In my opinion, the OLX TVC encourages the viewers to straightly think about when they decide to sell their personal belongings online.  It also emphasizes that applying OLX can be a great solution as it allows them to fast and simply advertise their stuff, meet the interested buyer and get the right price. The problem can be solved by selling or searching for certain products through OLX. Everything sells at the right price via –it makes everyone satisfied with the outcomes.

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