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May 28, 2013

Relieving Flu Symptoms

I’ve got flu symptoms for the last few days. I’m not sneezing anymore, but the coughs and sore throat haven’t yet left me.
I choose herbal medicine this time
Fresh apple
Warm guava juice
Hope they can support me to get well again soon.


5 komentar:

Gerald (SK14) May 28, 2013  

plenty of liquids is the thing - hot tea for me.

Liz May 28, 2013  

I can almost smell the guava. I hope you are feeling a lot better now. Happy RT!

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Geeks2las May 28, 2013  

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Yoedha Com May 28, 2013  

sangat alami dan bisa bermanfaat.
keren :)

Kim, USA May 28, 2013  

Natural stuff can make you feel good. I used a lot of lemon with warm water. And also ginger with warm water. Hope you are feeling well now.


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