May 13, 2013

What You Need to Know about the CompTIA Server+ Certification

Exam type: IT exam
Certification field: This certification concentrates on the field of Server protection, management and administration, a division in the vast world of IT.
Complete certification name: The CompTIA Server+ certification.
Exams included in the Comptia Certifications: The CompTIA Server+ includes one exam that is designed to test the candidates based on their skills. Here is the exam that is included in the CompTIA Server+ certification or credential, a certification from CompTIA:

1.    SK0-003
Exam details
Complete exam code: SK0-003
Complete exam name: The CompTIA Server+SK0-003 exam
Amount of questions: The exam may contain a maximum of 100 questions that are to be solved or attempted by the candidate in the allotted amount of time
Type of questions: Thisexam features multiple choice and performance-based questions
Allotted time: 90 minutes
Available languages: English, Chinese, German, Japanese
Passing marks: 750 (on a scale of 100 to 900)

Recommended experience: The recommended experience or prerequisites for this exam include the CompTIA A+ certification and one year of managing, directing or participating in server management programs or jobs. Any achievements in the candidates run with the company at the post of a server manager or any other server related position should be considered as an advantage during the candidate’s final assessment.

Certification overview
The CompTIA Server+ certification is a high paying certification for server technicians. This is a certification that has been introduced to the world by CompTIA as a certification that will be able to boost the careers of server technicians that opt to obtain it. This certification does this by simply raising the value and the worth of server technicians. In addition, a company that employs server technicians with CompTIA Server+ certifications also gets to have their worth and value in the world of IT increased.

A server technician or any other individual that has a job that is based on servers and possesses a CompTIA Server+ certification is more likely to have a better salary and better privileges and perks than an individual that doesn’t. Also, individuals in the world of servers that have obtained CompTIA Server+ certifications also have better chances of being offered better jobs by rival companies with better salary packages and bonuses.

Important facts about the certification
The following are some important facts about this certification that you should know and memorize so that you have a better idea of the certification when you apply to be certified yourself or apply for your company and its server technicians to be CompTIA Server+ certified:
·      Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Lenovo and Xerox recommend or require the CompTIA Server+ for their server technicians.
·      The CompTIA name is globally recognized
·      The CompTIA Server+ certification or the CompTIA Server+ credential is vendor-neutral

Practical job applications of the CompTIA Server+ certification
The following are some of the many jobs where a CompTIA Server+ certification will come in handy:
·      Server Sales solution specialist
·      Server Software developer
·      Systems engineer
·      IT server administrator
·      Authorized service technicians for servers

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