May 29, 2013

Things to Give to Mums on their Birthdays

Our mums do so many things for us, from giving birth to sending us off into the big wide world, and it's important to show your appreciation for them whenever you can. If you've got a mum with a birthday coming up, then this is a great opportunity to spoil them. Whether it's a small token of your affection, or a big, sentimental gesture, your mum will be thrilled that you took the time to think of her.

Her personality

Each mum is an individual, and although you may only see her as a maternal figure, she has her own tastes and interests too. What's your mum like as a person? Here are a few gift ideas based on different personalities.

Traditional mums – If your mum stayed at home, and is a really family orientated individual, then give her the gift of the whole family's presence. You could choose to have a family portrait taken, or even buy her a camera. After all, immediate family is the most popular subject of digital photos.

New mums – Even those who haven't been mums for long deserve looking after. In fact, 60% of expectant first time mums hoped for a mother's day gift, so make sure she gets something from the bump too. This could be either something for herself or useful baby gifts that are practical and needed, either way she will appreciate the effort.

Glamorous mums – If your mum was always perfectly made up, even when doing the school run, then some pampering and beauty sessions are always well received. Choose spa vouchers, or even gift cards from her favourite beauty salon. You could even make her a gift basket with all her favourite products; a thoughtful yet impressive option for any mum.

Things to avoid

There are a few items which make for nice enough gifts, but come across as a little thoughtless. For example:

  • Flowers – Always nice to receive, but they die within a week and aren't very personal.
  • Alternative – An exotic plant or tree for the back garden, it lasts longer and will remind her of you.
  • Gift vouchers – We all like to pamper ourselves, but a gift voucher smacks of a last minute gift brought in a hurry.
  • Alternative – Planning a day of shopping with your mum and buying some items from her favourite store that she picks out.
  • Dinner – It's great to take mum out, but dinner should only be part of her gift.
  • Alternative – Tickets to a show or concert, make it a night to remember!

Make it personal

It doesn't matter what your budget is, or what you buy your mum, most women find it much more important to buy the right gift, rather than just taking price into consideration. Make sure there's a personalised note attached, and that you spend time on the card and presentation, as these aspects can make the gift seem so much more special.

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