May 22, 2013

Using Peacock Feathers for Various Decorative Ideas

No one denies the beauty of male peacock feathers; therefore many people love using it to add sparkle and color to various creations. Natural peacock feathers are a compilation of jeweled-colored deep purples, royal blues and turquoise greens that create a stunning accent piece. For ages, creative individuals have been inspired to apply high quality natural peacock feathers and bleached or dyed peacock feathers  for lots of decorative purposes.

The beautiful and magical look of peacock feathers make it as a perfect natural craft material that may give elegant touch to your home and hand-made accessories. You can use these feathers to make different chic and decorative items for your home and yourself.  For your home decoration, you may apply peacock-feather touches in various ways, such as creating displayed decorative masks, fans and wreaths, feather and flower grouping in a vase, holiday ornaments and also table decorations. Whatever your home style and design, peacock feather attachment can’t be wrong.

For you and your loved ones, you can make various peacock feather products. Decorative masks for costume parties, fashion accessories like jewelry (peacock brooches, necklaces, earrings) and hair accessories (peacock hair clips, headbands) are only some products that you may craft by yourself. Wearing any peacock feather fashion accessories item can be an exceptional fashion statement that will make you look stunning!

Actually, the prettiness of these feathers can inspire you with many other decorative ideas. If you’re preparing to hold a party or even a wedding, why don’t you use peacock feather as your theme? Let’s say that you’ve decided to choose peacock feathers for your wedding theme. For example, you can attach these feathers to wedding invitation cards, wedding bouquets, wedding dress, bride’s shoes, table centerpieces and overall wedding decoration. The peacock feather designed wedding cake will look outstanding and extraordinary. Your guests will surely impress with everything they see in your wedding venue.

To handle your peacock feather needs -whatever your purpose- you can trust a feather company like EskayFeathers that provides high quality wholesale feathers at best prices.  So, don’t hesitate to explore your creative ideas with peacock feathers!

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