May 14, 2013

Get Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Certified For Network Or System Analyst

Microsoft SharePointsever 2013 certification helps to recognize your expertise and skills in helping the business to organizing, synchronizing, collaborating and sharing information across the company. This certification will certify you for jobs such as network and system analyst.

Types of exams:

This certification includes two exams. The details of these exams are given below.
1.   Core solutions of Microsoft SharePoint server 2013with exam code 70 - 331
2. Advanced solutions of Microsoft SharePoint server 2013 with exam code 70 - 332


Basic overview

These certification examsarefor IT professionals to help them creating their carrier. These exams were originated on February 01, 2013. The exams will be taken in two languages: English and Japanese. Technology used in these exams is Microsoft SharePoint server 2013. This is a type of protected exam


Audience profile

The qualified candidate for these certification exams require to has more thanfour year of experience to plan and maintain SharePoint and the core technologies on whichSharePoint depends.IT professionals are the candidates for this exam who have understanding and knowledge about planning, implementing and maintaining a multi-server arrangement of Microsoft SharePoint 2013. The candidate is required to have experience with security and authentication technologies.The candidate must have knowledge about data backup, high availability and restoration. The candidate is required to have experience and working knowledge with SharePoint online and must also know about SharePoint workloads


Skills measured

The candidate skills will be measured in different areas related to 70-331SharePoint server 2013 certification exam. The skills will be measured according to the below learning objectives. Different percentages areappointed to these learning objectives the questions in the exam will be arrive according to the percentages appointed to the topics.

Learning objectives:

These learning objectives are not limited. The main objectives for Microsoft SharePoint server 2013 certification exams are as follows:
·         Designing a SharePoint topology
·         Plan security
·         Installing and configuring SharePoint farms
·         Creating and configuring the site collections and web applications
·         Maintaining a core SharePoint conditions
·         Planning business continuity management
·         Planning a SharePoint environment
·         Upgrading and migrating a SharePoint domain
·         Creating and configuring service applications
·         Managing system integration, BI and SharePoint solutions


Continuity requirement

After getting passed the certification exam the candidate will receives a certificate and will become a Microsoft SharePoint server 2013 specialist. The certificate has three year validity period. The certificate holder has to rectify the every three years. The recertification requires passing the cardinalrecertification exams.


Exam preparation and training material:

For Microsoft SharePoint 2013certificationexams Microsoft offers different types of courses. These courses will definitely help the candidates to pass the certification exams with passingscores.The candidate can take practice test and can choose the area they need to become skillful. Candidates can choose either online based training or lecture based training to get effective results. Microsoft also offers press books for the candidates. The candidate must purchase these training and preparation material having a money back guarantee to get good result in exam.

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