May 25, 2013

Tips for Throwing a Child-Friendly Wedding

Unless you've specifically stated in your wedding invite that guests should not bring along their kids, there's a pretty high chance that there will be at least a handful of children be it nieces, nephews,, friends' children, godchildren or maybe even your own children. A child-friendly wedding may then turn into something that needs to be ensued. To get you started on your own journey towards a wedding that will also accommodate your cute little guests, here a list of 5 things you can do or incorporate for a wedding that will be memorable and enjoyable regardless of age.

1. Open up the option of a kid's meal
Most kids have yet to develop a taste for things that we, as adults, have come to enjoy which is probably why some will only eat fun foods like chicken fingers, mini hot dogs or mini pizzas. While such options are most often offered up by most caterers, do take note that portions do matter as well so if you're planning a seated dinner instead of a buffet, be sure to inform your food service provider of your young guests that require more child-friendly portions.

2. Have favors made specially for the kids
Providing favors that your younger guests will definitely appreciate will certainly turn your wedding into something they'll enjoy and remember. Candy favors, for one, will be something that the young ones will love. Alternatively, you could create a “candy shop table” where your guests can fill up bags with their own selection of favorites. Such a concept may even be a hit with the adults!

3. Keep them entertained
When the children are entertained, they'll be kept occupied from creating mischief or madness. Children tend to have short attention spans so you may need more than just one option – movie screenings, video games and perhaps a ton of board games. If your wedding happens to be indoors, put aside a room or a segment of the hall for the kids to have their own fun or if you're planning an outdoor wedding, you could pitch up a tent or teepee just for the kids.

4. Seating arrangement can be crucial
While you might think that sticking all the kids together at one table may be a good idea, since they will all be around others of the same age and will probably have more fun that way, you're actually putting yourself just a step away from having your reception turn into a kindergarten class during playtime. Have the kids seated instead with their parents or if you wish to give the parents a break as well then hire a chaperone to keep an eye on the kids at their table.

5. Think about the time
I'm sure most of us can remember the times we've turned into cranky unbearable beings when we lack sleep. Kids are most definitely not spared from this Dr Jekyll-to-Mr. Hyde transformation when nap-time or bed-time is approaching so for a child-friendly wedding, evening or night-time reception ideas may need to be cancelled out but, if you're not willing to do so then you could arrange for the use of an extra room equipped with a couple of borrowed cots for the kids to rest and recharge.

Ultimately it all depends on your budget as well so weigh out the options and see what you can afford to include or exclude. Your child-friendly wedding doesn't have to turn into a kiddy birthday party but with just a few of the above ideas, you'll get to ensure that the children will not feel excluded or ignored. is an online retailer of quality wedding dresses, bridesmaid gowns, and bridal accessories. Started in Los Angeles in 2011, SimplyBridal now ships to North America, much of Europe, and parts of Asia. SimplyBridal’s dresses have been featured on Style Me Pretty, Rock ‘n Roll Bride, and Wedding Chicks.

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