May 30, 2013

Why Web Designers Should Not Ignore JavaScript

JavaScript as a web technology has got a lot of bad press lately. Most of the people tend to think that JavaScript is buggy, slow and that it is not good for SEO. JavaScript can become a complex program for designers too.

Web developers find JavaScript complex and difficult to code in. Thus, many new comers have begun to use HTML in place of JavaScript. This may be a good idea for some but it does not work for everyone. JavaScript is still one of the most important web technologies around and HTML 5 does not really replace it all that well. Of course, HTML 5 is supported by every mobile browser out there and it is easier to code and loads fast. However, JavaScript is certainly irreplaceable when it comes to designing dynamic websites. Here are some of the reasons why we must not ignore JavaScript easily. 

  1. JavaScript is important for form validation
  2. JavaScript is important for inserting content
  3. JavaScript can be used for styling

These 3 reasons alone make JavaScript a very important web technology. No matter what people say about it, JavaScript needs to be used well and often in order to make a website completely functional. It is indeed one of the best was to build a website that is not only dynamic but also interactive. Below, let us take a look at some of the instances when JavaScript needs to be used:

Form validation
JavaScript is great to validate forms. It comes with great user experience. You will also need to validate it with a server side language before forms can be processed. However, if you can use another language, do feel free to do so.

JavaScript is great for inserting content
It is often said that JavaScript is old and buggy. However, it is still one of the best tools to insert content. It can be used in practically all kinds of CMS and when it comes to web publishing, JavaScript cannot be ignored easily. Ajax can be used too, but JavaScript provides a better experience.

JavaScript can be used for styling
While CSS does this job very well, JavaScript can often be used for styling a page. However, CSS may be a better option when it comes to styling.

While all these things sound and look great, JavaScript is still not very good for SEO. Many a web design firm will insist that it is not supported by many mobile browsers and that means your content will not be visible properly on many cellphones and tablets. This makes it sort of controversial to use JavaScript.

Nevertheless, it is a good idea to not entirely ignore JavaScript and instead use it when required. It is indeed one of the best platforms around and there is nothing better than using all kinds of technologies when they need to be used appropriately. These and many other reasons make JavaScript one of the more appealing web technologies around. However, one cannot use it everywhere and one must use caution before jumping into the JavaScript bandwagon.

Author Bio: Smith is a web designer and developer at a prominent web design firm. He has helped create several dynamic websites for ecommerce establishments and has achieved accolades from industry insiders.

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Rahasia Hidup Sehat May 30, 2013  

Interesting information, but unfortunately I do not really understand about programming web design language like javascript, html5 and css, thank you for sharing friend ...

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