May 13, 2013

How to Turn Your Own Photography into a Beautiful Memory

Everyone has one. An uncle or cousin who thinks that they are the next David Bailey. Now that they have digital cameras there is no stopping them, they snap away at every family event and load the embarrassing photos onto all the social networking sites they can find.

But these relatives could be very useful if you were planning a special event. Professional photographers are expensive and sometimes it is nice to have the casual snapshot to mark the moment that the pro may have missed as part of your collection. One of the biggest days of anyone's life is their Wedding Day. So why not take Uncle Arthur's collection of digital photos of the day and turn them into a special book that the bride, groom or even the guests can treasure.

Photo Books
Photo books are just what they say they are, books made out of photographs. These can be created online or by taking the memory card from the camera to a local store. Even the most casual photography can be a work of art when bound and presented in the correct format so why not make a photo book instead of a traditional Wedding Album? Different from the traditional album in that multiple photos can be displayed on one page the photo book is a clever and original way of storing your special memories of the big day. Because of their presentation they will sit on your bookshelf neatly and can even form a collection of family memories.

Photo Book Options
Photo books come in several sizes and layouts. Ordering them is simple, log onto the chosen website and pick the design template and cost you wish to use then work your way through uploading the required photos as you go. Making a professional looking memento from your own photography has never been more simple.

Photo books can be personalised in a number of ways. The date of the event and the names of the people involved can be placed on the cover or you could design your own special message. The interior can also be personalised; have a caption for each photo placed beneath it, or have the photos on one page and a description of what was occurring on another. You can arrange your photos in themes so you could split the book into chapters, Arriving, The Ceremony, Leaving and The Reception. There could even be a page dedicated to the last man standing at the end of the night.

Photo books are fun and a novel way of reliving a special day, but they can also become sentimental treasures if created correctly. The beauty of them lies in the fact that they are all your own work and if given as a gift will be something completely unique as no one else will have their contents to hand.
Everyone's wedding day is filled with memories, but some of them may pass by unnoticed if not captured on camera by some sharp relative with a digital lens. So instead of relying solely on the outcome of a professional photographer let your relatives have fun.

This look at photo books was written by Smith freelance writer and fan of photo books who used for inspiration.

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