May 17, 2013


Philosophy is the mother of all sciences. Name any discipline, you will find its origin in Philosophy. Philosophy which literally means Love of knowledge (Philo: Love, sophy: knowledge, in Greek) gave birth to numberless disciplines of knowledge. That is why we find in the beginning of every major discipline the names of most known philosophers. Whether Mathematics,’ Chemistry and Biology or Psychology, Economics or Political Science the college Freshman finds almost the same names of philosophers as the founder one among many.

Demonology in the East: All occurrences of abnormal behaviour are the work of spirits, good or evil. Spirits can leave one’s body and visit other places during dreams or visions. Many other such ideas and the idea of soul continuing to exist after death, developed very early. Mythology, as the culture travelled through ages, based on earthly analogies became complex and powerful. That the demons and evil spirits take over the organism has been a popular conviction some centuries ago. The concept of Trans migration of Souls prevailed about’ eight centuries before Christ which followed Yoga thought form even to lay a part strong belief in certain areas of the schemetement.

The former emphasized continuity of existence of soul in changed forms “on every new birth of an individual. The soul would transcend into inferior shape (species) if it was of an ill doer and into a higher, superior one in case of noble deeds. Yoga was a philosophy for elevation and improvement of human soul and body as well as for the best possible coordination of both. In 7th century BC Buddha’s teachings provided guidelines for emancipation of human beings to improve their plight and alleviate their sufferings. He held that this world was a place of miseries which were only due to unjustified human desires. He taught that man could’ relieve himself of sufferings if he overcomes his desires and bestial wishes.

            A renowned philosopher Avicenna made valuable contribution to mental health. He emphasized on Hypnos is and suggestibility of man that could be exploited for treatment and rehabilitation of the mentally ill. He advanced the idea that delusions and hallucination are responsible for the illness of normal individuals. “Will power,” he thought could heal up the sick, mailing persons.

The Influence of Divine Guidance

            During the 11th and 12th century AD we find great names such as Al - Ghazali, Ibn Rushd, Farabi and Raazi who explained self, soul and human nature. Roomi and Ibn-e-Khaldoon are also among the thinkers who expressed their detailed views on some aspects of human entity.

Such were the ideas prevailing in the Sub - continent and most of Asian, African and European countries centuries before Christ. This interest explaining behaviour was confined to the abnormal and only severe cases, when violence and torture was exercised on the victims to
correct or heal them. This practice is largely in vogue even at present (near the outset of 21st century) in those regions which least benefited from Divine Revelations communicated to humanity in the Pre-Christian or post Muhammad on eras. The religion influence improved initially the ideas to remarkable better and clearer.

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