May 15, 2013

Tips for Single Women on World Tour

Many travel experts carry the opinion that women face many unknown dangers when traveling alone. They are soft targets, easily approachable as against when traveling with a friend and yes, they are emotional. But ask women backpackers and they say that a lot can go wrong even when they step out of their home or board a bus, so why these rules for women traveling alone. While both segments are right in their own terms, it's always advisable for single women to follow some tips when alone in a different territory, ensuring that their vacation remains as memorable as it was meant to be.

So if you are a single women tired of your business life and looking to meet some new people on a world tour, or are just looking for pure relaxation, there are some concerns that you should take note of. Firstly, each country has its own cultural and religious beliefs, something that they expect their women to follow. So while you can do or wear pretty much anything in Germany or Norway, you can't do the same in India or Africa as the sensibilities and customs are miles apart.

Secondly while traveling solo is fun and exciting, you are bound to meet some interesting characters on route, so even if you are not, make sure you act confident and don't be scared. And thirdly, as a tourist chances are that people would try to hurt your bank account status as much as possible, so a good step would be to befriend a local and enquire about the rates associated with everything from hotel costs to transport. Also book your deals early when on a world tour, not only would you get Cheap Flight Tickets but you may also get cheap accommodation deals.

These are some of the golden tips that single women on world tour should follow at all costs.

  • Enact The Locals: To ensure that you don't get into unwanted trouble, make sure you enact the locals. From what they wear to how they behave, take note of everything to gel into the culture. Read about the destination you are traveling to and if possible befriend a local for some insider tips.
  • Enquire About The Hotels: When staying solo in a hotel, there are loads of rules to be followed. First inform your family and friends about the hotel whereabouts, book a room near the stairs or elevator and try to maintain a distance with the support staff. Book a hotel in a busy area that is famous as well as occupied.
  • Guard Your Documents: Important documents like passport and identification proof should be kept in a separate bag which should always be in your sight. Also make copies of your documents and save them in a safe place. Don't give your documents to anyone for any reason whatsoever and please keep the cash and the documents in separate bags.

Keep in contact with your family and always inform them about your current location and most important, don't venture out at night especially with strangers. Also make it a rule to be back in your hotel room by a specified time. Although these tips might feel weird, the truth is that they are for your own safety, ensuring that you remain out of harm's way and enjoy your vacation to its full potential.

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Anthonie May 16, 2013  

Better for a woman not to go on tour alone except out of necessity, since many events are not good, I think May 16, 2013  

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