May 4, 2013

Make A Diamond Your Girl's Best Friend Forever

Make A Diamond Your Girl's Best Friend Forever -Nothing says 'I'll love you forever' quite like a diamond ring and many women have dreamt of wearing one on their ring finger since childhood. If you intend to make a lifelong commitment to someone, get off to the right start!

Ring In The Changes
By the time you have decided to propose, you know you need something special to mark the occasion. Most women wear their engagement ring every day, so they will look at it a lot and they will also see many other women's 'bling'. Tradition had men spending anything up to three months' salary on a ring for their intended, although more recently, even engagement rings have been hit by tough economic times and the average figure is now more commonly less than one month's.

Create Something Truly Special.
If you are not scrimping on the sparkle, you need not buy 'off-the-shelf'; have you considered designing your own? It is an opportunity to create something as unique as your future wife and to give her something she will treasure.

Must It Be Diamond
The focus on designer diamond engagement rings is always big news and celebrity magazines are full of photographs of them. Diamonds are synonymous with engagement rings, but a combination with another gemstone is also a popular choice. Few have attracted more interest recently than that worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, whose ring is a diamond and sapphire combination reportedly worth in the region of  250,000. No doubt Kate's ring has been the inspiration for many others since the Royal Wedding.

Pick Your Designer
Are you keen enough and perhaps brave enough, to take on the design yourself? The biggest 'pro' is that you have something to give your partner when you pop the question and something as unique as she is can only earn you points. On the other hand, if she is a lady who knows her own mind, she might have ideas of her own about what a ring should look like. Unsure? Get her involved and sell it as the most romantic activity you can do together to celebrate, as a newly-engaged couple.

Beware of Blood Diamonds
These diamonds are mined in countries without legitimate or widely accepted governments, often countries embroiled in civil war or conflict of some kind. The sale of diamonds, on the black market, is then used to fund the ongoing conflict. Thankfully, the percentage of blood diamonds is small and can be avoided with a little research on your part; use an established jeweller who can guarantee where the diamonds are from and give official certification, which also covers the cut, colour, clarity and carat of your stone.

As with any major purchase, take your time and do your research. This is an investment for your future and the ring is a future heirloom, likely to be passed down the generations. Talk with several jewellers and get a sense for which one understands your vision. Don't be afraid to ask questions or make corrections so you get exactly the ring you imagine.

Adriana Frederick writes regularly on design topics for a range of jeweller's websites.
Visit this page for more information on designer diamond engagement rings and how best to design your own.

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